I ported Dust: An Elysian Tail to Linux and Mac!


The ports should be out soon. Still working on the final touches.

This boasts lots of audio work, including a brand new XACT reimplementation written from scratch, and AL_EXT_MSADPCM, which dramatically improves MSADPCM decode times. With 500MB of compressed wavedata, that second feature was really important.
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"Publisher: Microsoft Studios"

Wait... did I just turn two pages at once?
Nice work, is there a list somewhere of all the games you've worked on, the Steam store pages don't seem to say who did the porting.
NVM already found it. Great work man.
Hey, a few days back I thanked you just for considering Linux, now you are announcing a port. ¡¡¡You are awesome!!!
This is great news! Should have a secret Tux character...
Oh wait, their plans for OS X were real? YES!
Mi Diez
Great! ty for this good news.
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