Wizorb Linux as well as Wyv and Keep Linux/Mac have been re-ported using FNA, and are now available on Steam for the summer sale:


These are two small projects I took as a result of a gap in my schedule, and indeed, both have actually had Linux/Mac versions before! Except they were using MonoGame, and the devs didn't want to ship them on Steam for various reasons.

It was a simple process: I ran in, threw out all of the MonoGame changes, and started from the original XNA4 builds and made what you see today.

Currently there is only one known issue at the moment. If you bought Wizorb as part of HIB6, that key currently does not have the Linux depot, and we don't have access to make the change:


We're working on fixing this, but without knowing anyone that can fix it right away, this might be a short while. But, the Humble builds for both games have been updated with FNA, so that option is available as well.

EDIT: The HIB6 key works now!
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