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Firefox slow? Crashy? Wish you could hit reset? Now you can. Keep the stuff you need, but get rid of the stuff that slows you down:
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To bad this browser needs this function...
Too bad ppl can't write good enough addons.
great option.. I will do it.. because I like tu change settings too much D:
...I promised be careful but I didn't it :-/
I don't have a reset Firefox button in Troubleshooting Info. Could it be because I'm running off of a USB?

Edit: Or, could it be because I'm running 14 Beta? Working fine on my pinguyOS install, just not there on my USB install.
it should be at the upper right
Not there. I'm thinking it either is due to Beta status or my USB install.
this is what we need... thanks mozilla
can anybody explain me why the heck, nightly ux didn't update since day 15 and today it updated???? mozilla promised that last week firefox looks would change to the australis theme for real, i didn't see any difference on the look... 
Génial, j'ai un Firefox qui rame ;)
En tous cas Firefox est le seul navigateur que je connaisse qui ait cette option...
what I need is a button that would allow me to disable the 'install missing plugins' message once and for all → flash sucks like IE 6 :)
Not sure why Firefox needs a reset button. I've been using the cutting edge versions since Aurora's launch. Never had the need to reset. On the other hand I've managed to break Chrome on 2 machines by fiddling with the flags and a dozen extensions.
Wow ! Je viens juste de faire le Reset, et ça va carrément plus vite qu'avant !
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