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XBMC for the latest 5.2 Apple TV software is now available! Update/install on the Apple TV via Maintenance > Manage Extras.
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have anyone tried XBMC Frodo on 5.2? any issues? I am curious to know.  
ATV3 still collection dust!!! 
Excellent. Installed and working well. Now to upgrade the next 2 x ATV 2's.
ATV3 JB, please. Been waiting a long time.
When is ATV3 going to be supported? Ever since I bought my ATV3 a year ago, I've been waiting for an upgrade from you, but I guess Apple made it hard this time to deal with their firmware... :-(
yeah, I've been waiting about a year...and bought 2 ATV3's. (besides my ATV2), because Firecore has been touting for all this time about JB'ing the ATV3's and still hasn't come through.
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