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Good news, everyone! Now there's a possibility to try out App Engine and/or Compute Engine with a $1000 credit for each.

You don't need to be a startup or anything.

- Go to
- Click apply.
- Complete the form with this promocode: fih-in

Here's an intro to what App Engine is (and isn't):

Here's an (extended) Quora answer to the question how does App Engine compare to Amazon EC2 (apples to oranges):

Here's a comparison of Compute Engine with Amazon EC2 (not so much apples to oranges; I shared this one earlier this year):
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+Filip Hráček Dotaz ad: "Credit expires in 6 months."

Co se po oněch 6-ti měsících stane?

Vzniká mi potom závazek platit nebo bude služba automaticky odstřižena?

Asi to někde v TOS je, ale nenašel jsem to [rychle].
+Jan Mercl asked what happens after the 6 months. Will the developer be charged or will the service be automatically deactivated? I wanted to make sure I have all the facts. Also, I am answering in English so others than Czechs can benefit from the info.

Before we can credit accounts with the 2 x $1000, we need both accounts (App Engine and Compute Engine) to have billing enabled. So, after the 6 month period (or after depleting the $1000) you need to disable billing if you want to make sure you are not charged.

Of course, there's the free quota, so unless you go over that, even after disabled billing your service will be up and running.

So, to summarize:

- If your service is in the free quota bracket after the 6 month period, it'll continue running like nothing happened. If you want to make sure you don't get charged a penny any time in the future, you can disable billing. (You will be notified when your traffic is going over the quota.)
- If your service is running above the free quota and you don't do anything, your credit card will start to be charged after the six months.
- If your service is running above the free quota and you disable billing after the six months, your service will likely stop.

Hope this makes sense. Sorry it took me so long to answer this.

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For example if I'm chosen to receive 2 * $1,000. What can I do with the amount? I don't actuallyy understand. Can I use the money to make personal transactions?
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