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This is amazing. Dart from scratch to simulated annealing in two video sessions. 
I've uploaded a two-part video to YouTube in which I learn Dart from scratch and solve a real-world coding problem using the simulated annealing heuristic.

None of it is preplanned.
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Filip Hráček

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Tomáš Hajzler a Jirka Halousek se mnou strávili včerejší poledne v Googleplexu. Tady jsou jejich první dojmy. 
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Filip Hráček

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I once gave my wife a prime number. It contains digits from my birthday, her birthday, and the date of our wedding. And it is a prime number, so — you know — it’s indivisible.

Here's your chance to be as charming as I am.

Just kidding. This was thrown together today to test Isolate support in the DOM.
This valentine’s day, give a gift of a prime number
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Filip Hráček

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Ok, I know this is kitsch as hell but the fact that I was able to take those pictures a) with a mid-range non-professional camera, b) with zero preparation, c) hand-held, d) while chasing around a toddler — that speaks volumes about how accessible photography has become lately.

I took 2 semesters of photography in a time when even professional digital cameras had bad image quality, despite being prohibitively expensive. We used film, and we developed our pictures ourselves. It was fun but it was also spending many hours in a closed small room full of chemicals, burning through money whenever we made a mistake. We walked to the dark room uphill. With no shoes. Through 2 meters of snow. And yet we could never dream of doing anything even remotely similar to this.

Don't let anyone fool you: a lot of art photography of the 20th century is non-kitsch not (only) because artists had a refined sense of style. It was often just because making your photo look bland and edgy and artsy is waaaay easier than making it kitsch/beautiful.

Now? Here's how these photos came to be:

● Took out my camera.
● Switched to bracketing mode (takes 3 pictures in a row, with different exposures).
● Pointed & shot.
● Went home.
● Stuck the SD card into my laptop.
● Let Google Photos Uploader do its thing.
● Waited half an hour.
● Got notification that my new HDR 'auto-awesome' photos are ready.
● Applied predefined filter.
● Done.

All in all, about 10 seconds of my time per picture.
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For reference, this is Bliss, the default Windows XP wallpaper. Apparently the most viewed photograph in the world during XP reign. Taken using a medium-format (read: very expensive) camera in 1996 and non-digitally (read: laboriously and expertly) post-processed by a professional photographer (National Geographic).

It's also telling to look at "After Microsoft", an art photo of that same place:
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Filip Hráček

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Dartisans, we'd love to get your input on the current state of pub (the package ecosystem as a whole, not just the tool).

The survey looks intimidating at first but I promise you that once you get in the flow, it's fast and even fun.
Pub surveyPlease help us prioritize issues with the Dart package ecosystem.
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+Filip Hráček There was another survey asking what we wanted to see added to Dart that was asked just prior to the conf.
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Filip Hráček

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I wrote down the two email/chrome things that keep me sane and that I've never read about anywhere (other email lifehacks are repeated to death).
Don’t get distracted by your inbox when you don’t need it.
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+Jan Zikmund It's actually Google apps (or gsuite, as it is currently known: I think that's why it's blue.
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Filip Hráček

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What is everyone using to throttle / debounce streams?

If found and but I wonder if there's anything newer / more popular.

(If you're unfamiliar with throttle/debounce, here's a good interactive explanation, originally for JS lodash library:
stream_transformers - A Dart package for transforming streams.
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Filip Hráček

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Whoa, Oracle buys the Czech startup Congrats +Jakub Nesetril!
Oracle announced that it signed an agreement to acquire Apiary, which creates the most comprehensive API Integration Cloud by adding the leading API design and governance solution.
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And this is the end of awesome project :(
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Filip Hráček

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In case you missed this article: Andreas Kirsch made a Dart REPL. I'd be interested to hear from Dartisans here that play around with it. What capabilities are missing the most? Is it already useful to you?
Hacking with Dart
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Looks really good.
As mentioned in the article, adding support for jupyter notebook via a Dart kernel would be pretty awesome ;-)
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Filip Hráček

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Flutter (the platform for building native iOS & Android apps in Dart) is mentioned in this article. 

> I’m still very new to prototyping but my team uses Flutter which is an open-sourced framework for building cross-platform UIs—learning how to use it has been challenging because it’s my first programming experience but extremely rewarding.
As an interaction designer on the Material Design team at Google, I often receive emails and questions from people who are trying to…
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Filip Hráček

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Dart on LLVM experiment: technical deep dive and results. 
This is a story about an experiment to compile the Dart language using the LLVM compiler framework. On its face this is pretty pointless…
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Filip Hráček

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Dart made it into the Tiobe-Index Top20 and experienced the second biggest growth over the past year (Go made first place)!
The TIOBE Programming Community index is an indicator of the popularity of programming languages.
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