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Filip Hráček
Google employee in the Dart team; gamebooks and pancakes enthusiast
Google employee in the Dart team; gamebooks and pancakes enthusiast

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Hi Dartisans, quick question: What are some big & important developer conferences that usually happen between September and November?

Things I'm looking at:

● What types of developers does the event attract? Java devs? JavaScript devs? Systems engineers? SW architects? (Some ‘get’ Dart, Flutter and AngularDart more than others.)
● What level of developers attend? Students? Hobbyists? Professional developers? Tech leads? CTOs? CEOs? (All are important, but we want a good mix.)
● How many people attend? ~100? ~500? ~2000? 5000+?
● Does the conference normally provide videos of sessions? Streaming?

Here's what I have so far (in chronological order):

● JavaZone Norway
● StrangeLoop
● Gartner’s Symposium/ITxpo
● Mobile and Disruptive Technology Summit (India)
● JAX (London)
● Codemotion Berlin
● ReactiveConf (Bratislava)
● Devoxx Belgium
● QCon (San Francisco)
● Øredev (Malmo, Sweden)

I'm not saying we'll be on all those events. I just want to have a comprehensive list, and this is where simple Google/Eventbrite/... searches got me.

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A new study¹ explores ways of preventing people from believing bullshit like ‘Atlantis existed’ or ‘9/11 was an inside job’. (Also known as: critical thinking.)

The study was performed on 117 students in 3 groups:

● group A was taught statistics and study design
● group B and C were enrolled in two slightly different courses on historical frauds and mysteries

Group A was the control group. Students in groups B and C were, among other things, taught how to identify logical fallacies, like non sequiturs.²

All students were asked about their beliefs about different topics, like the aforementioned Atlantis or 9/11 conspiracy, before and after the semester.

Unsuprisingly (for me, at least), students in groups B and C believed less of the fake stuff after the semester (their critical thinking improved). Surprisingly (for me), the students that were told statistics and study design didn't improve at all.

The point of the study: you have to be intentional in teaching people about logical fallacies if you want them to stop believing bullshit. Critical thinking is a tool that many people don't possess, but it can be taught effectively.

Article via +Rhys Taylor and

I'll use this opportunity to share some good resources about logical fallacies (in descending level of completeness, and increasing level of approachability):

A lot of the ‘fake news’ believability hinges on you not being aware of these fallacies. And, let's be honest: it's not just fake news. It's also marketing and politics and sales.

Illustration: Google Images search for 'chemtrails'.

[2]: Example: “People generally like to walk on the beach. Beaches have sand. Therefore, having sand floors in homes would be a great idea!”

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Made my day.

Twitter is great at only sending emails about the most interesting new followers, so with @year_progress (with its 16K+ followers) I learned to take notice whenever I receive one of those. Basically all of them are people I might want to follow, or at least know about. (Often, though, they are tweeting in a language I don't understand. Most often Chinese, French, Portuguese.)

Jeff Atwood is not the @year_progress follower with the largest audience on Twitter, but definitely my most valued trophy so far.

In other @year_progress news: someone just made

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I'm just going to leave this here.

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▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░ 20%

One fifth of the year 2017 has just passed. If the 80/20 rule of product development holds, and if you wanted to build something this year (starting work in January, ending in December), today would be the day when majority of your features should be in and you spend the rest of the year on polish and finalization.

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1. Založit webový zpravodaj.
2. Plnit jej až sedmi konspiračními teoriemi denně (od templářů přes tajné kolonie na Marsu po "Merkelová je příbuzná Hitlera").
3. Profit!
(přeloženo do češtiny:

Ten web má statisíce čtenářů, a zprávy z něj jsou přejímány mj. i českými dezinformačními weby.

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