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Filip Hráček
Google employee in the Dart team; gamebooks and pancakes enthusiast
Google employee in the Dart team; gamebooks and pancakes enthusiast

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Dámy a pánové, pokud si pamatujete stařičké sovětské handheld elektronické hry typu "vajíčka" nebo "chobotnice", a bláhově jste si jako já mysleli, že jsou to původní ruské výrobky, rád bych vám představil Nintendo Game & Watch:

(via +Michal Špondr)

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Websites (and JavaScript embeds) can infer your PIN from motion sensor tracking. The way you hit different parts of your screen can be fingerprinted from small movements of the device.

Note that some mobile browsers (like Baidu, Maxthon or Safari) actually allow JavaScript to access the motion sensor while in the background, and even while locked. Full list of those is in the article. 

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Dart 1.23: Better strong mode support
Dart 1.23 is now available. It introduces support for overriding fields in strong mode and a lot of other improvements. Get it now ! Figure 1: Overriding fields in strong mode We have been spending a lot of our time on our unified front-end (explained by Vy...

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An update to our Flutter IntelliJ plugin has been released, featuring hot reload improvements, the ability to edit Android code, and support for 'dropping stack frames'.

More details in our flutter-dev posting.

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Using Dart VM's hot reload feature to build an interactive Dart shell.

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I made a little tutorial about adding dart completion in Neovim using Languages Server Protocol.

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Maintainer of PhantomJS is stepping down, directing people to the recently announced headless Chrome.

Full announcement below (and behind the link).



I want to make an announcement.

Headless Chrome is coming -

I think people will switch to it, eventually. Chrome is faster and more stable than PhantomJS. And it doesn't eat memory like crazy.

I don't see any future in developing PhantomJS. Developing PhantomJS 2 and 2.5 as a single developer is a bloody hell.

Even with recently released 2.5 Beta version with new and shiny QtWebKit, I can't physically support all 3 platforms at once (I even bought the Mac for that!). We have no support.

From now, I am stepping down as maintainer. If someone wants to continue - feel free to reach me.

I want to give credits to Ariya, James and Ivan! It was the pleasure to work with you. Cheers!

I also want to say thanks to all people who supported and tried to help us. Thank you!

With regards,


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Nevím jak v ČR, ale tady v USA Brno jede!

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You know how Europeans call denizens of Australia 'antipodeans' and Americans have the term 'China syndrome'¹?

Not even close. On the opposite of both US and Europe, there's just ocean, as this visualization clearly shows.

Here's an older version of the same visualization, with more data:


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Maybe it's old news, but I just found out that Facebook has written (and are actively pushing) a "How to spot false news" article:

That is fantastic. I hope it's soon available in many languages.

I wish it was a little less dry (maybe a video?) but it'll do. The important part is that (I assume) many, many people who wouldn't ever actively search for an article like this will have it right in front of their faces.
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