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Is more valuable "copyrights" that "life"
I can't believe!!!
As of this writing, Mr Schmitz has only been arrested, charged and denied bail. It's true that the maximum he could face is 50 years, but until a court decides, this photo is wrong.

However, for a long time, fraud and theft (real, physical) have been punished more heavily than, for instance, manslaughter and rape in many countries. File sharing is just being added to that list, and I agree it's ridiculous.
nonsense . only been arrested, charged and denied bail. this photo is wrong.
Sharing music, movies kills a lot of families... more than a woman.
So everyone here is in favour of Led Zeppelin being ripped off by a music site just so you all can pass tunes around, ..Right?
Led Zeppelin is being ripped off by the Music industry, as Led Zep only gets a fraction of what the music industry charges for their music. If Led Zep sold their music directly for a 10th of the current asking price, the punters would be more eager to pay, and led Zep would make their millions WAY quicker. The Music Industry wants their bread buttered on all 6 sides.....
About the Led Zeppelin bit, you shoud check the first part of "Everything is a Remix" video series. Just search for it. You'll be amused. :)
Calling Crap. Kim Dotcom as his legal name says... hasn't been convicted... so there is no "50 YEARS!"
how about Internet service provider, domain registrar...
What's scarier is how fast other file sharing services are gimping their services due to this arrest. Good job America, now we have you to thank for destroying collaborative file sharing services. Oh yea... btw wasn't the uprise against SOPA/PIPA intended to stop the very thing that just happened to MU? OOOO right, our gov't does whatever it wants. Silly to think the people's desires really matter. We are only good for funding the machine that takes away our rights.
Theft is always a longer sentence than murder, due to repeat offenders. You are more likely to steal than murder again...
In spain you can murdere 5 people and you get 30 years or prision. But if you are in America you might get dead penalty. So it is not easy put compare those two cases....sorry stop manipulating information and get over it....
this cant be real. He has to at least get an appeal or only serve a year max or something. This is the kind of stuff that can cause riots in the U.S.
We must reassess our priorities, the first one does not hurt anybody, just avoided a few got richer, this can't be more punishable than kill violently a woman or a child.
Law protects the profit NOT PEOPLE!
wow how more far off can this be from so freaking wrong!!
shows who is really in power (corporate america), and who the government really cares for (refer to last answer)
Sadly this is all the because of that 1%. I shivered when I saw this. Truthfully they are using Kim Dotcom as an example to try and "detour" others.... And whoever justifies this, think harder if you believe this is justice.
@Freddy Ernesto Espinoza Rivas Think about it like this... This guy who "shared" on the net was not even on US soil... his servers were... They are currently trying to bring him to the US to sentence him for sharing. Killing people is one thing... sharing things for free with the world is doing no harm what so ever to anyone. He may have took it to the level of profiteering due to the income he produced but it doesn't make his crime worthy of 50 years in prison. Not to mention that the US laws have no rights in countries out side of the US might I also add that what he did is not far from the things the government does everyday in stealing the rights of the people.
that's when you notice they care more about the money than for life...
very sad..how many people go missing every single day in this country and nobody cares!
Yes, picture is not quite accurate, but still...makes you wonder.
this is the good 'ol united states! capitalism come in many vices
So what you're saying is that the fat guy won?
no hugo i think the court losed the trust
this is stupid really this dude freaking killed somebody and he only gets twenty years he should have got life in prison since he took someone elses...Unfortunately this is what the world has comes to...It makes me angry to see bastards like that get a lesser sentence.
I think this guy has done a whole lot more than just share music on the internet. Come on!
+Hugo F. Farinha So far, the "fat guy" has neither won nor lost, because as I said further up, he has not been sentenced. He has been arrested and charged, which is not the same thing.
TL;DR: the photo is wrong, move along, people. <shakes head>
This is in no way true. Kim Doctom is still in custody in NZ awaiting extradition to the US, which is planned to be filed on Feb 22. He has not been to court, aside from being denied bail. He has not been sentenced to anything. He has not been convicted of anything. He is still under arrest. You are all idiots for taking this picture seriously.
oh yeah most people are just clueless as to what is going on. The guy convicted for 20yrs they(NWO) actually like because they do that too. The other guy on the left 50yrs made money by SHARING WTF? Unless we the people unite to stop these fuckers we will be joining the guy on left!
Ben Sye
more proof that the SYSTEM is beyond repair and totally BROKEN!
Tira T
That's not fair! FREE SCMITZ!!!
This is why the Government is FUCKED. This is not the only case fuckheads!
money laundering, making millions off of other's music, etc. How did he become so rich?
ok we get it the picture was wrong we get it ppl stfu
If shared matter is related to national social security, it may happen
Should I be the one to point out that Kim Dotcom hasn't even been extradited to the US yet, much less tried and sentenced?
exaggerated like most of these pictures on the net....Probably initiated by Annonymous....
it is about him being fat, this is why he got into jail...
I think the Govt. has to analyze the acts again, and re-write it.
This is not fair. Law always sided with them who dominate money.
who get the loss when some one share music on the internet? the answer is CAPITALIST.
who get the loss because of raping and killing? the answer is just ordinary people
now I realized why shared music on the internet get 50 years sentence while raped & killed only get 20 years sentece. its all about money.
If you copy just one movie you get a penalty worse than a murderer. Kinda shows who has the money and power, Oil Co.; Drug Co.; Media Co.
J. H.
UM, they JUST ARRESTED him. He's got tens of Million$. There's no damn way he was handed 50 years... yet.
How does that make sense? This justice system is pretty fucked if you asked me.
i hate the fucking government the rule of justic is totaly flawd we need to stand up for this shit. its not fair
He hasn't been sentenced yet.

The people argue against SOPA and for theft are those that think the above picture is real.

what a f***k, telling us that raping is better than sharing music... what a world we live in
And people think SOPA didn't pass, how naive the sheep have become. Wait.. did I just say sheep are naive? -_-
The world and its peoples can only be free when there are no longer idiots such as you people that lie, steal and create strife for personal umbrage.

You are slaves to stupidity.
lol What next? Hung for showing emotions like :) on the net?
+dj cubical I find that sheep can't read the news either. Like finding out that he hasn't been sentanced?
That's insane! Someone quick, burn the rapist alive!

Stop allowing yourselves to be misled so easily for other's own interests, whether you agree with those interests or not.
I thought he was just indited; but I do get the reference to SOPA #ToSoon
I love how people look at this pic and immediately think its true, leave a stupid comment about hating this and that and then go on with their lives.
why is the Latino perpetrating the worst of the two crimes? #racist idiot
This is Fu*@ed up!
Killing someone and being handed a "life" sentence should mean LIFE. not 20/25 years!
Intellectual media theft does not in my opinion constitute the same severity although still a crime. Has anyone been harmed significantly by mega-uploads actions? Mostly people use/d it 100% legitimately and I would be very skeptical of the figures banded about for lost revenues form the claimants against Megaupload. As we all know that statistics can be made to misrepresent anything to the reader!
One more for the big wigs and more restrictions for the masses, brilliant.........
J. H.
If you believe this then you must be stupid as hell. And I've got some water and ice-cubes that I'd like to sell you. Special offer, my friend. Shame on the original poster for being such a stupid fag and making $#!T up.
Just shows that the justice system is heavily influenced by big corporations...
Erik H
I'm not surprise
Arrested, convicted or not, the fact that piracy gets more jail time than taking a human life is disgusting!
It almost as ludicrous as believing everything which is written to be true.
As has been stated above, this image is misleading because Kim hasn't even been extradited to the US yet, let alone put on trial or sentenced.

It is also misleading because Miguel Carcaño's (note the misspelling in the image) sentence has nothing to do with US law. He is a citizen of Spain, his crimes were committed in Spain, he was charged, tried and sentenced under Spanish law. http://www.thinkspain.com/news-spain/20624/miguel-carcao-sentenced-to-20-years-for-the-murder-of-marta-del-castillo

Comparing the legal systems of two different countries is like comparing apples with oranges.
André Fischer - As of this writing, Mr Schmitz has only been arrested, charged and denied bail. It's true that the maximum he could face is 50 years, but until a court decides, this photo is wrong.

However, for a long time, fraud and theft (real, physical) have been punished more heavily than, for instance, manslaughter and rape in many countries. File sharing is just being added to that list, and I agree it's ridiculous.

AND Schmitz' is being prosecuted under American law while the murder is NOT. It is a BIT misleading to compare two completely different sets of law.
I've read nothing that says he's been sentenced. A little misleading, perhaps?
It's naff all to do with file sharing though. Kim (my new hero) was about to launch a music service that would have done the MAFIAA some real damage. 
wow! thats half of a golden year(100). BAD ENOUGH many of us won't live that long to see it but it looks like he's already close besides the sentence.
this is a bit disingenuous. Try telling the whole story. This is the sort of spin I would expect on the nightly news or CNN.
is this the "Justice" ?????????? &%$^#*^@%*&#^*%@&^
gangster says: its not personal, its strictly business.
Stupid untrue internet forwards like this one is why G+ could benefit from a "-1" button.
corporations are MORE human than women and kids I guess!!! meh!!!
Not only charged with copyright infringement but also with money laundering and racketeering. The other guy must have had a great lawyer to get his sentence reduced to 20 years.
Yeah, but just think about all of the publishing execs that have jumped out of their windows when their company tanked due to illegal file sharing! This guy is responsible for their deaths! (Okay, so I don't know of any execs that did this; but hey, my statement is just as honest as this pic.)
The Judicial system is only concerned about what you can prove, not what is right or wrong, morally right or not.
Just how much justice can you afford.
Wow. Irony of life. The judicial system is a piece of $&*t
This is really fucking biased. Megaupload was, despite it's polished exterior, about as seedy as websites go. Besides engaging in wholesale copyright infringement, megaupload and its ilk was the sorts of places where people went to share child porn, terror manuals, and all sorts of nasty crap. And megaupload knew it, was making serious money from it, and their attempts at stopping this were downright laughable.

Megaupload are the villains, so much more than torrent sites.
+John Larson Re: "Killed, raped, and burned a woman to death?

Say what you will, Miguel has some skills to do all that at once."

I could so be an English language/punctuation Nazi right now, but I will give benefit of the doubt and acknowledge you posted this for humour purposes only :)
Kim Dotcom has not been sentenced yet...
How did he get sentenced so fast...I thought we still were waiting for extradition.
This is because Miguel did this and was tried in Spain!! There is little justice here.
Kim Schmitz has not been convicted yet of a crime in the U.S. While he potentially faces that penalty, anyone who knows the American legal system knows he'll serve far far less.

Miguel Carano was convicted IN SPAIN for a crime he committed in SPAIN when tried in the SPANISH LEGAL SYSTEM.

This isn't comparing apples and organges. It's comparing apples and pianos.
Money is a higher priority than women.
Ash B
He didn't steal shit. People who download that garbage are people who never would have paid anyway. No money lost.
talk about fucked up priorities
That is really backwards... thank you corporate america.
ya but its still a crime, untill its changed quite complaining about it cuz its illegal
I believe it like in New York City there was a guy from another state want too check his weapon in so he did he was legally to carry it and it was register too him he had a little time and he wanted too visit the One of the land marks now he is facing 7 years in prison you can not carry a weapon in New York he is also in the army reserve but the weapon has too do with his job that he has. 
Except Schmitz hasn't even been tried yet... Never mind sentenced...
Why do people keep posting this and others keep believing it? Kim Dotcom hasn't been sentenced to anything. He just had his bail hearing yesterday. How quick do you think the judicial system is? People, come on. If you won't use your head, at least use Google.
@wendel lewis... it's more insidious than that. SOPA (which this man is unarguably a sacrifical lamb (he was arrested during the blackouts) after they lost getting that through Congress) could give the US Govt. the power to take down any website, ooh say, like ths one because someone, shall we say yo, is sharing copyrighted material (ooh, I don't know maybe something by James Gang?) without permission. they can do that without due process. 
WHAT!!!! are you serious, thats seriously distrubing
Hasnt even been convicted of a crime yet...people are saying he was sentenced, but he hasn't even gone to trial yet. The internet is a breeding ground for falsehoods
+Julio Patricio: When has ANYONE ever received a harsher sentence for killing an animal than a human? That's a ridiculous and baseless statement to make. Compare the maximum sentences for each crime for a start.
Dotcom is still under trial WTF get it right
+Brendan Graham Exactly. Not enough critical thinkers on social media platforms. Allows for stupid memes to get out of control... could be quite dangerous.
No way wth
Ridiculous how idiotic thickheaded individuals feel files that can be replaced is more brutal than murder! Society today needs to be more aware of their actions!
is this really the wrld we are living in? I keep thinking of the quote from Cold Mountain 'God won't let the world stand like this much longer'
I dont want to live in this world anymoar
Kim's an idiot and a fraudster. And he belongs in jail.
Ferd VS
Is that real?????
sharing can't buy him a good lawyer...
US legal system is really odd and now the governent wants to be world police by spreading ACTA...
Yeah well. That's the reality.. Lets get used to it
.... How is that even right? Wow.. So, murder is no longer worlds greatest sin. Sharing of digital media has become the Greatest sin and outrageously punishable. ... Mind blowing.
We have such a pathetic value system in this country, I have given it much thought and come up with this sentence that the potential jurors would also be able to choose: No Jailtime, Not even Probation, Here's the VISUAL-Just ONE hour in a cement room, no windows, a steel door--The Accused AND EVERY SINGLE FAMILY MEMBER OF THE PERSON (S) THEY RAPED, MURDERED, MOLESTED, ETC, ETC, ETC.....
I honestly believe that a sentence such as this may actually DETER crime !!!
Right now it's little more than a slap on the wrist.
inequity is rampant in judical systems worldwide...the only recourse is to vote.
i think the judge is a woman...or gay,lol,the power of cute face...
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