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We have made a new major release (2.0) It contains all features and bugfixes of the git master branch from 10th July. A partial list of new stuff is below:

 - curves filter
 - reference-counting for AVFrame and AVPacket data
 - ffmpeg now fails when input options are used for output file or vice versa
 - support for Monkey's Audio versions from 3.93
 - perms and aperms filters
 - audio filtering support in ffplay
 - 10% faster aac encoding on x86 and MIPS
 - sine audio filter source
 - WebP demuxing and decoding support
 - new ffmpeg options -filter_script and -filter_complex_script, which allow a filtergraph description to be read from a file
 - OpenCL support
 - audio phaser filter
 - separatefields filter
 - libquvi demuxer
 - uniform options syntax across all filters
 - telecine filter
 - new interlace filter
 - smptehdbars source
 - inverse telecine filters (fieldmatch and decimate)
 - colorbalance filter
 - colorchannelmixer filter
 - The matroska demuxer can now output proper verbatim ASS packets. It will become the default at the next libavformat major bump.
 - decent native animated GIF encoding
- asetrate filter
 - interleave filter
 - timeline editing with filters
 - vidstabdetect and vidstabtransform filters for video stabilization using the vid.stab library
 - astats filter
 - trim and atrim filters
 - ffmpeg -t and -ss (output-only) options are now sample-accurate when transcoding audio
 - Matroska muxer can now put the index at the beginning of the file.
 - extractplanes filter
 - avectorscope filter
 - ADPCM DTK decoder
 - ADP demuxer
 - RSD demuxer
 - RedSpark demuxer
 - ADPCM IMA Radical decoder
 - zmq filters
 - DCT denoiser filter (dctdnoiz)
 - Wavelet denoiser filter ported from libmpcodecs as owdenoise (formerly "ow")
 - Apple Intermediate Codec decoder
 - Escape 130 video decoder
 - FTP protocol support
 - V4L2 output device
 - 3D LUT filter (lut3d)
 - SMPTE 302M audio encoder
 - support for slice multithreading in libavfilter
 - Hald CLUT support (generation and filtering)
 - VC-1 interlaced B-frame support
 - support for WavPack muxing (raw and in Matroska)
 - XVideo output device
 - vignette filter
 - True Audio (TTA) encoder
 - Go2Webinar decoder
 - mcdeint filter ported from libmpcodecs
 - sab filter ported from libmpcodecs
 - ffprobe -show_chapters option
 - WavPack encoding through libwavpack
 - rotate filter
 - spp filter ported from libmpcodecs
 - libgme support
 - psnr filter

We recommend users, distributors and system integrators to upgrade unless they use current git master.
FFmpeg Download and Source Code Repository Access. Getting FFmpeg. FFmpeg has always been a very experimental and developer-driven project. It is a key component in many multimedia projects and has new features added constantly. Development branch snapshots work really well 99% of the time so ...
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How do I rebuild Mplayer (Linux) and Media Player Classic Home Cinema (windows) to use this?
+Warren Beyda MPlayer automatically uses git master FFmpeg by default, which is even newer than this release; MPC-HC now uses LAV filters, which by default uses +Hendrik Leppkes (nevcariel) FFmpeg fork, which is based on FFmpeg git master.
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