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We have made a new major release (2.1) It contains all features and bug fixes of the git master branch from 28th October. A partial list of new stuff is below:

 - aecho filter
 - perspective filter ported from libmpcodecs
 - ffprobe -show_programs option
 - compand filter
 - RTMP seek support
 - when transcoding with ffmpeg (i.e. not streamcopying), -ss is now accurate even when used as an input option. Previous behavior can be restored with the -noaccurate_seek option.
 - ffmpeg -t option can now be used for inputs, to limit the duration of
data read from an input file
 - incomplete Voxware MetaSound decoder
 - read EXIF metadata from JPEG
 - DVB teletext decoder
 - phase filter ported from libmpcodecs
 - w3fdif filter
 -  Opus support in Matroska
 - FFV1 version 1.3 is stable and no longer experimental
 - FFV1: YUVA(444,422,420) 9, 10 and 16 bit support
 - changed DTS stream id in lavf mpeg ps muxer from 0x8a to 0x88, to be more consistent with other muxers
 - adelay filter
 - pullup filter ported from libmpcodecs
 - ffprobe -read_intervals option
 - Lossless and alpha support for WebP decoder
 - Error Resilient AAC syntax (ER AAC LC) decoding
 - Low Delay AAC (ER AAC LD) decoding
 - mux chapters in ASF files
 - SFTP protocol (via libssh)
 - libx264: add ability to encode in YUVJ422P and YUVJ444P
 - Fraps: use BT.709 colorspace by default for yuv, as reference fraps decoder does
 - make decoding alpha optional for prores, ffv1 and vp6 by setting
the skip_alpha flag.
 - ladspa wrapper filter
 - native VP9 decoder
 - dpx parser
 - max_error_rate parameter in ffmpeg
 - PulseAudio output device
 - ReplayGain scanner
 - Enhanced Low Delay AAC (ER AAC ELD) decoding (no LD SBR support)
 - Linux framebuffer output device
 - HEVC decoder, raw HEVC demuxer, HEVC demuxing in TS, Matroska and MP4
 - mergeplanes filter
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