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Here it comes... long awaited Fedora 18 Spherical Cow is released! Download it, use it, share it!
This is the latest version of the Fedora Linux operating system's Desktop Edition. It's everything you need to try out Fedora — you don't have to erase anything on your current system to try it out, a...
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wew the download speed is too slow here any torrent?
Installing now.  Actually missing the old style installer.  Thought the fact that I needed to reclaim space to replace Fedora with Fedora was a bit counter-intuitive.  Otherwise from a colleague's machine it looks great.
Hope that F18 will have better fonts pre-installed like openSUSE or Ubuntu. Default fonts in F17 that I'm currently using is too thin! I need to spend lots of time customizing it after installation.
I'm boared I'm rolling up one 
dropped them at the moment they started licensing RHEL more expensive then windows NT , nothing to get me off debian 
One more step for the best operating system on the world.
can it be installeed within windows?
to all pioneer downloader/installers : is it any good? 
What's everyone talking about 
Your logo looks like Facebook. Just being honest...
I like the name. Spherical cow is a perfect model for fluid mechanics :) 
My wife has been using it for the last 2 weeks on her Lenovo U310. It has worked quite well.
So what's new in 18? I was the biggest Fedora critique for putting out crap for too many years but 17 has been wonderful. I'm a little gunshy when it comes to just trusting 18 but if they did as good of a job with it as 17 I'll be updating. I might hold off and wait for all of you beta testers though.
Is there any official repository for FedUp for x86_64 arch? In the default fedup repo there are only two RCs...
Do people still use fedora? Arch baby, all the way...
+Andi Hope, apparently they do. Fedora is number 4 on Distrowatches most popular. Arch is number 7. Do people still use Arch is the question.
Nice. I'll have to try this out when I get home. Thanks.
To each his own... The main thing I love about Fedora is its get the latest kernels few weeks after stable and other new updates, and this release has lots of new great feature's!
too many Linux, fall in fear of choose.
jeff m
Dang, my system is still on Fc5
that happens in my home pc  was using 17...though working good in coll pc
I'm gonna be on 17 for a wile longer, some stability would be nice for a change.
Installed and it destroyed everything.  Nice job guys, time to head to Mint.
+Douglas Boehme , destroyed everything? what is everything? can you explain? i want to install it but i read your post...
I have tried ubuntu and there nothing to do once i install it .whats the difference between Ubuntu and Fendora
Can we get a version for tablets and/or mobile devices? Purty pleaaaase?
Is there any way to install fendora to replace ubuntu but still be able to dual boot with Windows 8
any mobile version pls?:)
Thanks for the reminder, will do that this evening.  Any issues installing with VMware workstation 9?
   Nope.  I installed the XFCE 64bit version,no ppoblems at all.  Seems to be very fast.
Greg VD
Downloaded, burned, installed and now using it in 32 and 64 bits. Be happy my fedorians!
Greg VD
Hi. You can downliad the ISO and save ti a usb like a live usb. For that u
can use dd command if ure using linux or unetbootin if u use windows.
Greg VD
Good idea Scott!!!
What's the convention, Twisted Animals? at least Ubuntu is alphabetically edible. :)

If it were up to me, I woulda followed the "hat" thing.
Downloaded x86_64 Live CD, booted, selected 'Try Fedora' and played around (Nautilus, Firefox..). Then I tried to install from the desktop and the installer hung. Rebooted and selected "Install to Hard Drive" and successfully installed. 

This is the first Gnome Shell install that didn't have problems with my ATI Radeon out of the box. I'm happy!
I'm ok with Ubuntu 12.10 much love to the Linux peeps keep up the good work
Arch is really update hell. I use it for my VM's but am always cautious to update. Fedora is the way to go for my desktop needs. 
Since I like gnome 2 environment, I use mate desktop in fedora 17. Does it work in fedora 18 too ? I heard that it had problem with fedora 18
+Michael Kilby from Wikipedia: "Spherical cow is a metaphor for highly simplified scientific models of complex real life phenomena"
well, need upgrade my fedora Beefy Miracle... puff, i just installed one week ago.. 
Yes. Good job. Ragazzi bel lavoro!
Freezes after boot/starting X server on Asus K53SV :-((((((((
I boot to a blank screen with no install options 
Writing it to thumb drive... Will test it out tomorrow.  Now, it's Miller time (substitute Miller for better beer... or vodka)
Still on Fedora 14, upgrading tonight!
Uh? Just installed it ant there are 208 updates (267.7MB) already?
Lovely! Now i only need to get it to boot from my trusty usb... :3
What is this? What does it do?
I booted into the live CD, and the desktop doesn't come up at all! Please help!
But where is the ARM Chromebook build? =(
Just installed.  The installer was different still trying to decide if I like it.
Meng NI
POST-TASK in installation cost quit long time and it looks like to take a Phd degree~
I normally kickstart my installs so the installer isn't that big of a deal.  I was able to figure it all out so not too bad.  I just wish #gnome3 didn't require so many tweeks to make it usable.
Why choose Fedora as a Linux distro ?
+Paolo Kuslan Choose Fedora if you want the bleeding edge in linux distros. Whilst most things work perfectly well, some newer things may not be so fluid. And change, be prepared for change. Gnome 3.6 seems have to differences that 3.4 users will complain about. But Fedora comes with a choice of desktops, all usually with the latest stable releases.
I would like to install a virtualizer on my Mac and install a distro of Linux.
How must I choose the right distro ?
All this because I am interested from a tech point of view.
New installed is not intuitive. Not sure this is a step forward of a step backwards.
+Michael McGuire - "Spherical cow is a metaphor for highly simplified scientific models of complex real life phenomena"  Wow, how very appropriate for the new installer.  Simplified far past real life usage.

From the Anaconda docs "it was not possible in the time available to ensure that every possible advanced configuration" - apparently "grow partition to fill remaining space" is now an advanced configuration?

I read the newinstaller doc.  I understand why it's been done... but damn, it needs work.
Maybe by Fedora 19 there will be some way to finally disable "rhgb quiet" from the kernel line?
OK, I gave it a day but now I'm back to Ubuntu 12.10 and Unity. There's just too much tweaking necessary to achieve a usable desktop system for my purposes.

I've been a Linux user since 1992 (Yggdrasil) and I've tried every release of Fedora/Gnome and, since Gnome 3, I consistently revert to Ubuntu/Unity. It just works! I don't think anyone's in charge on the Gnome Shell team which is why we need Mint, Cinnamon or Unity. Hey Gnomes, get a clue!
Hm, loved 17, but my HP 6910p CPU fan keeps maxing out after system resume. Very annoying, especially since I can't disable hibernation in the system settings. Why isn't such a simple setting there? Otherwise it feels quicker compared to Fedora 17, but I didn't experience these bugs with 17.
+Peter Goddijn when you installed did you use the xfce install or another one?  I have the XFCE 64-bit in VMware workstation 9 and it's very good, no issue to report.
Upgraded today, so easy.  Fantastic.  Almost tempted to convert the server from Ubuntu just so I can see +Máirín Duffy's work on the new installer.  Excellent release, well done.
Done! Can't wait to see what they do with fedup on the future!
It's hard to choose my favorite Fedora desktop to download because there is no easy view to screenshots to compare Gnome vs. KDE vs. LXDE vs. Xfce desktops :(
GNOME 3.6 in Fedora 18 has an Activities app search which seems totally broken. Type 1 letter like X, Q, J, or K and results come back which conspicuously don't contain an X, Q, J or K. Maybe it's searching the command line text but it's completely non-obvious behaviour. The lack of a Log Out option when there is only one user is also really annoying.

Otherwise the experience so far has been pretty good. I like the new logon screen and throughout  it feels refined.
+Adam Lock: the search actually queries a number of fields from the associated .desktop file, so it may not be obvious why certain choices come up after only one letter. For instance, gedit comes up when you hit 'X' because the GenericName field contains "Text Editor," and the GNOME control panel for Printers comes up when you hit 'Q' because the Keywords field contains "Queue."
Alas; still glow with pride each notice or success or new applications for my first major, mission critical tux distro loved.. from tiny moment on rh8, where I discovered #fedoracore 1, 2, 3, & 4!

I was so linux environment non-savvy back then; that I didn't conceptualize the concept of DE's (desktop environments) enough to realize I could run kde DE on fedora, albeit back then, fedora was gnome centric by default.

Thus when #SUSE92 (SUSE 9.2) 5-CD Trial set arrived via postal mail (kde-centric DE by default), over a holiday weekend, I gave it a shot.

Being a rare breed of #GUIdependent , yet huge fan of efficient keyboard-shortcut and hotkey multi-tasking PC operations that always amazed all my inefficient mouse-dependent (pronounced SLOW!) peers, kde was the bomb up-tick on said operational and data-input efficiencies! SOLD / CONVERTED!

All that lame0 blathering to say.. I've never forgotten my peers and heroes in's #fedora IRC channel's years of helping this non-command-line savvy sod through his #microSUCKs - to - tux migrations! I have never looked back thanks to nicks SouthernGent & thingfish & Sonar_Guy & Sonar_Gal (and many many more!) & even those nasty, rude, but infrequently helpful elitists that used to abuse me through to my earliest days of love of the #OpenSourceFTW communities I've been evangelizing & contributing too since!

Gawd save the fedora distro! Long live #fedora !!_ ;]]]

Your Fan & Evangelist Forevermore,

Fedora, I am disappointed. It has been a few years since I thought a release was bad.
Lots of bugs, lots of silly UI stuff.
 The thing I liked about fedora is that all the features had a functional reason, there are lots of things in this release that make using the system horrid whilst trying to make it look nice.
-A linux user for more than a decade
What the hell u all talking about 
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