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Fedora 17 Alpha was released. Get it while it's hot!
What is the Alpha release? The Alpha release contains all the bunderful features of Fedora 17 in a form that anyone can help test. This testing, guided by the Fedora QA team, helps us target and ident...
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A beefy miracle indeed! THE distro!
Anyone can help? I got this during preupgrade process:

"failed to download installer data. This could be caused by a missing network connection or a bad mirror"
Watching the terminal log, it seems to be a wrong dns resolution, after i got unknown metadata being downloaded: MEMORY i got fetched treeinfo from which is the page you are redirected by my ISP when the dns resolution fails.
I hope the video drivers will be improved dramatically. The current ones are just awfull if you have an unsupported (and sometimes even with a supported) card.
+Jarek Gie If you activate your gmail calendar in evolution it gets integrated in the shell. You just need to select the one you want integrated.
thunderbird is not a part of the gnome environment, so dont expect it
Never gonna happen. Fedora is all about open software and will never include proprietary packages.
Jarek Gie, you spend some time in reading Fedora Costitution, you'll discover that bringing non opensource software is not an objective of the Fedora project, if you need anything else you can add software sources of the rpmfusion infrastructure.
I downloaded the iso. Will Give it a go in the next day or two.
I can't even boot the LiveCD in reduced graphics mode - the AMD A8-3820 is obviously a vegetarian ;)
The installer is buggy. There are workarounds. But, I'll just wait for the beta.
Snažil som sa ale mohol by sa pripojiť k čistej
whats the odds the hdmi sound will be fixed
To all Fedora folks, seems that preupgrade process is working right now, stay tuned!
+Francesco De Domenico I just realized today you could use preupgrade from stable -> alpha/beta and upgraded my home machine remotely using preupgrade-cli....won't be able to make sure all is right until I reboot tonight, but everything worked as far as downloaded packages and completing without an error.

+Fedora Project what, no G+ "Beefy Miracle" beta announcment???
Yes, it seemed to work fine (the preupgrade), asked me to reboot, did the reboot, but no Fedora 17 was installed, Fedora 16 started instead.
ah, I've only done preupgrade once before from 15 -> 16, so I don't remember it exactly and don't have my current upgrading machine to look at, but I know in the grub config file on my home desktop, after installing the the preupgrade packages, I now have this entry:

menuentry 'Upgrade to Fedora 17 (Beefy Miracle)' --class gnu-linux --class gnu --class os {
linux /upgrade/vmlinuz preupgrade repo=hd::/var/cache/yum/preupgrade ks=hd:UUID=e41ee5ba-1996-43f5-9c7c-2983fb855c15:/upgrade/ks.cfg stage2=hd:UUID=e41ee5ba-1996-43f5-9c7c-2983fb855c15:/upgrade/squashfs.img
initrd /upgrade/initrd.img

(again, this just what I'm seeing in the config file, not the actual grub menu when booting).

May be worth rebooting, seeing if you have that grub option, and if so, selecting that to complete the upgrade.
sadly my grub config file was not edited at all, anyway i did a clean install and solved the thing :)
as far as I can say, this problem occurs when you try to preupgrade into non stable version of Fedora, this is kinda known problem, a full working preupgrade is assured only in final releases.
+Francesco De Domenico If it's of interest, I got home and reboot my desktop. When I got to the grub menu, it had my 3 install F16 kernels and highlighted the newest one by default, but above it was the option to complete the F17. I highlighted that entry and hit enter and my machine has been happily upgrading!
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