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Fashion Week
Fashion Week Directory : Guide to international fashion weeks
Fashion Week Directory : Guide to international fashion weeks


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ready to learn more about fashion.  If yes, visit the +Apparel Search website.  When you are there, make sure to also visit the new blog at 
New Apparel Search page created today.  It is the second page of the fashion directory to help better organize some of the guides primary sections.  The re-design is still under progress.  If you have suggestions on ways to improve this fashion industry resource, please add your comments below.

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New York fashion.
Are you hunting for the best fashion boutiques in New York City?  Well, you are clearly not the only one.  We are also eager to know the best boutiques in NYC.  What is your absolute favorite and why?  Share your thoughts.

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New York Fashion Week is taking place this week.  Please post news and photos regarding the events at the Fashion Week Community here on Google+.

You can also check out the +Fashion Industry Network and also the “fashion” community here on google plus.

You can also use the link below to find some of the news reports at the Fashion Newspaper.

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Couture Fashion Week
September 5-8, 2013
The New Yorker Hotel

CFW presents the latest collections by exceptional fashion designers from around the world.

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Adventure on the way to New York Kids Fashion Week.  What do you think of this pre fashion week video?
Pale Cloud’s new movie portraying the journey of one of the precious Pale Cloud models to her Fashion Show. The music and videography in this video is splendid.  A young girls journey to New York Kids Fashion Week.  If you are going to watch one fashion video today, this would be the one.
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