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Coaching our clients to get superior results by being better leaders.
Coaching our clients to get superior results by being better leaders.


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You don't want to be that person that says they "HATE" another's idea or proposal - it just fuels negativity. Here are 4 ways to prevent an overreaction to another's proposal or point of view:

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We are all under a great deal of pressure to consistently perform as productively as possible. In this post we learn about:

> Ways we operate that run counter to being productive;
> The need to assert ourselves to keep focused;
> Ensuring we attend to what's important and not just urgent.

I hope you get some inspiration and useful ideas from this post.

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There has been a lot written about "grit" lately and this post describes an experience of mine that required plenty of it on my part during a wilderness adventure to see the recent total eclipse:

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Transitions in the workplace are always tough and in this post I share three scenarios and three possible solutions:

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Why "Mental Health Days" are so important + a story of how one leader showed support for an employee who bravely raised her hand to ask for one:

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Teams can get bogged down when they are in need of strong, constructive dialogue on tough or contentious issues. Succession in long standing groups is both critical and difficult to discuss.

Follow this post to see how a team was assisted in defining such a key issue and the ground rules that were established to make the dialogue work.

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When was the last time you heard someone tell a very memorable story which helped their presentation really capture you and the rest of the audience?

Ever wished you could do that as well?

If you have, this week's post may be just what you need.

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As part of my book launch, a post of mine titled "Leadership Development: Investment or Expense?" was featured in The CEO Magazine. Please go to:

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It was recently announced that the unemployment rate dipped to 4.5%, a historically low figure.

Studies have also shown that 45 - 70% of employees would leave their jobs readily for another job.

So what we have here is the makings of a "war for talent". Please read this week's post to learn more about it:

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Have you ever contemplated writing a book?

I published my first book one month ago and this post briefly summarizes my 2 year effort to do so + key lessons learned.
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