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Your (Removable) EV Bumper Sticker Shop
Your (Removable) EV Bumper Sticker Shop


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Check out the Ludicrous Mode Sticker in action!! — having fun at the office with the new removable EV sticker design.

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"100% ELECTRIC" ROUND "MEGA-Size" EV Sticker 3.45" wide

There aren't any HYBRIDS or ICE CARS here, just 100% REAL, ELECTRIC... POWER. Let all the ICE cars know exactly WATTS up! Don't be fooled by imposters. There's no dinky lawnmower engine under THIS hood! 100% ELECTRIC is the ULTIMATE EV RIDE. Also the most economical.

FULLY REMOVABLE - MADE IN USA - Each ROUND "Mega-Size" Bumper Sticker is 3.45" wide (8.6cm) - and is made with quality outdoor-durable strong stick yet removable vinyl, includes an integrated UV and Glossy protective layering that gives it extreme heat, sun water, ice and freezing condition protections! Our Electric Vehicle Bumper Stickers feature colorful gradients, fine edges, and are designed to be easy to read from a distance. Stickers are completely 100% removable and hassle-free, but they stay really stuck, simply fun: Each sticker is non-permanent thanks to a specialized AnyCling™ layering.

While keeping our quality high and prices low, we also offer affordable USPS First-Class Domestic Shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A. as well as options for Priority Mail and affordable First-Class International Delivery at a discounted rate. If you're not 100% happy with your bumper stickers simply let us know and we will send replacements or refund you 100%!

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"Thanks for my Order ... My car with your beautiful stickers in Quebec / Canada. Thank you and have a nice day." - Martin

This great picture was sent to us! Thanks Martin for sharing! 

EV Owners, Lovers, Drivers, and Fans - Grab your Electric Car Bumper Sticker today! Makes a great gift for New EV Owners! Woohoo!

See more "specialized easy-removable" sticker designs for Electric Cars and Vehicles at - HAPPY 2015!

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We had a ton of fun at National Drive Electric Week Event @ Huntington Beach, California!
Huge thanks to everyone who made this great event happen — and thank you for visiting our booth to check out the sticker designs!

We'll be posting the featured designs on the website very soon.

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It's National Drive Electric Week!
Join us at the "GONNA BE HUGE" Huntington Beach event this September 20th between 10am-4pm for a TON of free TEST DRIVES among other fun EV's such as Electric Bikes, Skateboards and more to celebrate the nationwide EV happenings! 

Register to attend this free event here:

Be sure to check if your area has its own event here: 

"" From the website:
National Drive Electric Week, September 15-21, 2014, is a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of today's widespread availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. They are fun to drive, are less expensive and more convenient to fuel than gasoline vehicles, are better for the environment, promote local jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

About Plug-In Electric Vehicles

You may have noticed that people who drive the new plug in electrics can't help smiling about it. We're celebrating Drive Electric Week because these new vehicles are so much better, and we want to share the news. Come join us for an event where you'll get to see and possibly drive an electric vehicle and learn from real drivers what they already know:

Electric vehicles are fun to drive. They are smooth and quiet, and their high torque – even at low speeds – provides instant accelerator response, and also better performance in snow.
Electric vehicles are easier and cheaper to fuel. Fuel for EVs costs much less than for gasoline vehicles. Fueling your car with electricity is about five times cheaper than fueling with gasoline. It is much more convenient to simply plug in when you arrive home than to stop by a gas station to fill your gas tank.
Electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain. Maintenance for all-electric vehicles costs much less than for gasoline vehicles. They require no oil changes and have 10 times fewer moving parts than a gasoline-powered car. There's no engine, transmission, spark plugs, valves, fuel tank, tailpipe, distributor, starter, clutch, muffler, or catalytic converter.
Electric vehicles are cleaner. Less gas means less pollution, even when taking into account the emissions from the generation of electricity.
Electric vehicles are going mainstream. Electric vehicles are selling better out of the gate than did the first hybrids. Well over 100,000 plug-in vehicles have been sold, and the rate is accelerating as more cars come to the market.
Electric vehicles are creating good American jobs. We are building advanced technology vehicles and components in at least 20 states, creating thousands of new, good jobs.
Electric vehicles make for a more stable and secure United States. We need to stop feeding our oil addiction by sending nearly $1 billion overseas each day, often to governments unfriendly to US policies."

More about it: 

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Hello Google+! We're excited to launch our new EV Bumper Sticker Shop - to celebrate for the first 50 customers you can use this code: "FIRST" for a totally #FREE   #EV  sticker! 

Grab yours at
- Electric Car Bumper Stickers | Electric Vehicle Bumper Stickers - 

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