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227 years ago, George Washington gave the first State of the Union address.

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Baby feathery dino tail in amber? 😍

ANC/EFF & student protests are lionizing Fidel Castro. Bit of an awkies situation when you learn Kim Jong Un is Castro's biggest fan.

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These are the likeliest programs geared for Africa to be negatively affected in a Trump presidency:

"The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) that was created under Bill Clinton’s administration in May 2000 is one such programme. The AGOA allows African states preferential access to American trade markets. As of June 2015, the AGOA law was extended for another ten years; and is currently set to expire in 2025.

In 2004, the US government created the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), whose key task was to administer the Millennium Challenge Account. As a core part of America’s liberal-democracy promotion agenda, the programme provides financial rewards to states with a proven track record in democracy, human rights, and free market principles.

While the programme was not designed solely for African countries, in financial terms, African states have benefited significantly from the MCC. Out of forty-five recipients across the globe, twenty-two states are from sub-Saharan Africa. Countries such as Cabo Verde provide a fine example— in the past ten years, close to two hundred million dollars of developmental aid has been given to the Cabo Verdean government."

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(Non-governmental) American individuals, foundations, estates, and companies gave $373 BILLION to charity in 2015 (up from $358 in 2014). THAT IS AWESOME!

⚠️ However, the Harry Potter community would like to remind you NOT to donate money to orphans or orphanages. 80% of the children in them have families (and THEY need assistance), but live in orphanages for often-corrupt stakeholders to leverage vulnerable and poor children for foreign aid.

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"Economic resentment has fueled racial anxiety that, in some Trump supporters (and Trump himself), bleeds into open racism. But to write off [white working class] anger as nothing more than racism is intellectual comfort food, and it is dangerous."

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"Under a 1967 law enacted after John F. Kennedy installed his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, as attorney general, no public official can hire a family member — including one related by marriage — to an agency or office over which he has authority."

But of course the Trumps and Kushners don't think this should apply to them and both are trying to find a loophole so he can have a West Wing job. Breaking our democracy, one loophole and evasion at a time. 🙄

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SO IMPORTANT for understanding 'the bubbles' we live in and how they are created & replicated.

USEFUL this Thanksgiving. 🍂
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