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Amazing player visualization! 2 months of serious pew pew, with some kills worth over the equivalent of $1000 USD.
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Should CCP really support the RMT mentality by assigning real money values to pixel explosions?
Because you can exchange money for PLEX, there is already an exchange rate. What's wrong with the idea of pointing out what something is worth in real dollars?
If it's THIS easy to start an economic system, then WHY can't the USA get rid of the federal reserve banking system??
+William Scott Lockwood III Because it promotes the idea that something ingame could be exchanged back to real dollars. PLEX are just subscription time and if you trade them for real dollars, you are in violation of the EULA and will get permabanned if caught.

And we all know there are good reasons for forbidding the ISK to real money conversion. Eve would soon become a money laundering operation and CCP would be subject to banking regulations in every country where they have subscribers.
+Jan Knaup The thing is, they get the money value as if you bought plexes to buy the items in a kill, not as if you were selling it.
This game feels so alive sometimes, and now I know it has a heart beat!
A heartbeat measured by supercaps killed? :-P
+Jan Knaup you are fighting with windmills, because I can legally buy ship for USD. E.g. if some ship with fit would cost around 6 billions of ISKs, I'll look to the market, I'll see that it would cost me around 12 plexes and I'll pay CCP 210 USD. So, the price of the ship in example is either 6 billions of ISKs or 210 USD, roughly.
Eve Online hmm , as a new player (and I love the game) kinda reminds me of a pyramid selling scheme in that the ones on the bottom can NEVER catch up to the ones on top.... Discuss.
PS In Warcraft I played my butt off for 6 years and caught up by sheer effort.
I don't see the pyramid +martyn ridley but I do see how time has given senior players a stronger sense of establishment in the game. EVE isn't like wow in the sense that everything is available to everyone from the ground up in a couple short years. That's what makes the scope of the game so big! :D
Take your point and agree ... but you can't max skill points in 2 years . As a matter of fact you can't at all. May I draw this parallel ? A 7th dan shaolin master can be bettered by a 7th dan master 30 years younger if the old guy is past his prime. the point here is the older guy has been "skilling" 30 years longer.
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