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Amarr Rejoice! Your ships are about to get more beautiful!
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Can't wait until V3 is done, and CCP can implement the ability to skin ships and put corp or alliance logos on them.
Well, think this way:

Denoting different flavors of ships by the colors of their hulls is dumb. Note that since Crucible, the Gallente Phobos has components that make it physically unique from the Thorax, but the lineage is still obvious. If we can get to where we can let people paint their ships how they want, regardless of class... whole fleets/alliances can choose to use matching skins. And if the skins are preset options, like the skins that render classes now... that's no increase in rendering power at all.

And with logos especially, I would imagine there will be graphics settings to disable them. But for people like me, with a GTX 560 Ti that has never known the feeling of being truly taxed... I'm dying for some more graphics ompfh out of EVE. (I actually designed my rig for two 560s, but I've never been able to max out the one, so never bought the second.)
Just when I got out, they update my babies. FINE CCP. FINE. I'M COMING BACK.
+Peter Thoenen I'm not saying give everyone a paintbrush. That'd be crazy, you wouldn't be able to stop people from decorating their ships with genitalia. I'm talking about preset skins, such as the current colors and camos used on different T2 variants.
The network backend is a one time hit. One the image is in your cache, the load spike is over.

Now, where's my "Hello Kitty" edition Tornado?
Will the Minmatar ships be getting more duct tape or will that be a future patch?
+Kat Waterhouse no such thing as too many rotations! I fought for the right to spin my ship!!! CCP have embraced ship spinning!!!!

also.. sexy ships, are the Khanid ships going to be darker also? and does that mean they will become so dark that they begin to absorb light from around them?
Minmatar ships should have some badly taped antenna bits flapping around while flying.
Now amarr ships don't look like protoss, very sad.
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