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EVE Online Dev Blog: Observing the "Burn Jita" Player Event

CCP Explorer and crew investigate one of the most interesting player events ever in gaming with spectacular technical detail
EVE allows you to discover, explore and dominate an amazing science fiction universe while you fight, trade, form corporations and alliances with other players.
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Wow, really cool read. Glad I avoided Jita, though.
This kind of thing is what keeps drawing me back. AND the fact that blowing people up and displaying their frozen corpse in a hanger someplace is frowned upon in the real world. But sometimes you just need to do that to feel better.
Gotta love Goons ability to generate game content like no other.
I was the light show bhaalgorn on the live stream DaOpa did xD
Interesting event - but really more of a singe Jita, rather than burn it.
+David Ketchin I was hoping it was going to be longer. I would've liked to see them force the market hub to shift to a new system.
that would have taken entire days of solid blockade
Indeed, but it would've been a very cool experiment in terms of watching how these hubs organically develop, and specifically, how the business/industry side would handle such a massive change.
it would have developed rens and amarr and others as local hubs - something a lot of people have been hoping might happen.
Rens, Amarr, Hek, Oursaleaurt(stupid spelling) are all local hubs that I shop in. I cannot remember the last time I bought or sold anything in Jita and I have been playing since 2005. Probably stems from the fact that the last time I went there it took 10 minutes for the system to load due to lag. (been fixed long since). But then I'm not heavy into industry. I buy ships, and fittings and ammo and get blown up, then buy new ships and fittings and ammo to blow up other people.

But really the point is that the goons did something that nobody else has done and they have put themselves into the annals of Eve history forever. How many of us can say the same?
mostly a fan of the Amarr hub as its amarrian gear i inent and sell
+Tony Stark Well, Goons does that all the time. ;) The Gallente Ice Interdiction was similarly notable in the dent it placed in the economy.
agreed +Jake Weisz and as far as I can tell prices for oxytopes still hasn't gone down. If I could make them pay for that I would.
+Tony Stark I'm allies with them, and I'm sad about it. I'm a Gallente pilot who just got carrier skills. :/ Though my carrier builder cancelled on me, so I have to find another.
+Tony Stark don't expect the price of oxygen isotopes to drop anytime soon given what is going on with the month-long Hulkageddon campaign.
+Jake Weisz the fact you can do this in eve is what makes it an interesting game rather than a sci fi version of world of warcraft. On a downer though the unrelenting griefing and fratboy attitude does get a bit irritating after a while.
+David Ketchin WoW players have cornered the market on being juvenile though. For instance, while death is far more painful in EVE, it's in WoW that people behave like little kids and pitch fits. In EVE, most players shake it off, buy a new ship, and get back to work.
+Jake Weisz I can imagine the utter shock in the carebears' eyes when CCP said they will allow the burning of Jita.
>Burn Jita
Eh, whatever.

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