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Around 5am in this day 9 years ago the Tranquility cluster was fired up and EVE Online was brought into the world kicking and screaming.

Here's to the friends we've made over the years, the innumerable spaceships destroyed and the future of EVE Forever. Skál!!
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salute the ancestors for me, my vodka is temporarily out of arms reach
EVE Forever! Happy Birthday and many successful years o7
EVE Forever guys, stay with us and continue making us blowing things in always more awesome ways.
Gratz .. now for the tenth birthday give us a once a decade SP remap so we can remap all our SP's ;)
Congrats and cheers to many many more.
Happy B-day eve thanks for all the pew pew & brennivin
Miners dont have time for Cheers... ;)
Good Job!!!
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