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Picking up my +Project Glass . :)

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New Life. 🐰

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#ifihadglass I could more easily capture the moments of my everyday life, connect with the world around me, share the amazing places I get to visit, and help spread the wisdom of the inspiring people I have the honor of meeting in my work with non-profits.

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Hans Zimmer's studio is awe inspiring.

Life is too short to eject USB safely.

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Long day of coding ahead of me, as per usual.
Wouldn't have it any other way.

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South Korea (April - May, 2012) (37 photos)
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I really love +Path, and this rethought concept and interface only make me want to use it more. If you're on the network, pop me an invite @evansims.
The new Path kicks ass, here's 50 minutes with the founders

Wired, among others, are praising it:

Here's +Liz Gannes in AllThingsD talking about the new moves:

I've been using it for the past week and it kicks ass as a personal journal. I hated Path when it first came out but it is growing on me and this new version is just a work of art.

Here's 50 minutes with the founders. I underestimated these guys and I was wrong. More in a bit.

UPDATE: in this video we cover a LOT of territory. +Dave Morin used to run platform at Facebook. He shows off his Jawbone Up, and gives an insight into what it takes to build great design and also where they are going in the future.

Looks like the press agrees that this is a major hit:



New York Times:


+MG Siegler praises it:

iOS users you can get it here:
Android users: visit

Learn more about Path on CrunchBase at

The official Path blog discussing this new version is here:

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