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Research time!

Knowing what you want and how it should look is one thing. Figuring out how to do it, and doing it right, is just as important if not more.

Time to start my final project!

Step 1: writing a story.

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Finally, 4K! Here's my animated short "Moments". I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Welp, I seem to have hit the limit for resolution in h264... Wops. Back to the drawing board 

Almost ready to show off my little creation, just need to render out this 5120x2160 project first. Might take a few hours... ETA, 5-10 hours

Cineform is AMAZING 

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Almost there

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After a lot of fiddling and reseating, all 8 sticks are working, adding up to a total of 32gb of ram 

Seems my PC has been running on 12gb of ram for god knows how long.... The 4th stick wasn't being registered until I noticed and reseated it earlier today...

I also adjusted my overclocking, my system is now actually stable, and not "stable for 12 hours, and then suddenly it isn't" as it has been while working in heavy applications
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