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Francisco Gómez García (espectalll)
Making dreams work
Making dreams work

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Francisco Gómez García (espectalll) commented on a post on Blogger.
I wish I were an 18+ years old US citizen back in the date!

He cambiado mi foto de perfil. にゃ。

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Welcome to the OnePlus One, Ubuntu! Find out what you need to do to get Ubuntu up and running on your OnePlus One here:

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Llevo esperando este momento tanto tiempo.

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Thing is confirmed
The new Google+ is all about the stuff you’re into and the people who get you. We can’t wait for you to start exploring.
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Testing the new Google+... and the UI is pretty neat.

Now... what am I gonna do here, may I ask?

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Debido a las reformas a las que estoy sometiendo a mi presencia en Internet, es probable que este blog sea abandonado. La idea no es dejar de redactar artículos, sino dejar de usar la plataforma WordPress, de manera que tenga mayor control sobre la…

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With full Wayland support, +GNOME is back with a bang in its 3.18 release, Gothenburg 🎉. Building on +GNOME's groundbreaking technologies, 3.18 significantly enhances your desktop experience by seamlessly integrating with both cloud & underlying hardware. +GNOME Apps have been redesigned with great precision to provide you a zen experience. After its 18th birthday, +GNOME 3.18 has matured to even update firmware through Software 😉

Seamless Google Drive Integration with Files
Pastebin Integration in Polari, +GNOME's IRC client
Ambient Light Sensor Support for Auto Brightness
Emoticons 😃 & Special Characters in Character
Complete Multi-touch Gesture Support, even on Wayland
Improved Touch Screen Text Editing
Pleasing Kinetic Scrolling
Mature +GNOME Calendar
And Many More At

Moreover, +GNOME Builder takes developer experience to new heights.

Grab a copy of live image at, or better ask your distribution for the latest +GNOME packages.

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Democracy Xerz Approved
Tomorrow you will read all these reviews for GNOME 3.18 release. But I can save you time. Full review? BEST LINUX DESKTOP OF 2015!

Also I've noticed some people using older versions of GNOME. Get out of the suicide rooms, and pick systems that ship the latest. It is different!

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GNOME 3.18
GNOME 3.18
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