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“Tin soldiers and Bloomberg coming, we’re finally on our own”
I just got back from the former Liberty Park. It was pretty depressing; the cops have the place on total lockdown, like an Attica prison yard after a riot. Our poor little library, like an orphan, waits expectantly for deliverance, but nothing is forthcoming. I saw Sean looking like a man without a country and Frances every bit the little match girl! What a waste of human resource!
I can’t help wondering if we’d be in this position if we had kept our own donations and not know-towed to the finance committee. We’d probably have a nest egg of at least a couple thousand by now. By the way, where IS the finance committee in our hour of need? Oh well, too late, money under the bridge.
We are on our own. The Library must fend for itself, since the donations intended for us are now warm and snuggly in a safe somewhere, as far from our reach and use as if they had been invested in an offshore bank account.
Instead of griping, tho, let me offer a suggestion of something we did back in the 60’s to raise money that worked GREAT: armbands.
Let’s design and make armbands and sell them on the street and online. I have attached a few of my ideas, but any design will essentially work. The armbands can represent the hibernating power of the people’s library—the people’s movement—and anyone can wear one to show solidarity with us even though we have lost the priceless park, our fountainhead of radical thought and discussion.
In order to regain or rebuild, we need money and public awareness. Nothing says that like an armband! “I support the people’s library” can be said many ways—my generation used “STP” which meant “serve the people” but also meant “stop the police” (or “pigs” as we had correctly labeled them). It can be unspecific: how about “rise again”?
As long as the library is crippled, our presence just serves to show people the face of defeat. We have to resuscitate ourselves for the sake of the ideal, and also the reality of revolution. We cannot expect help to come from the blue skies, nor from the vanishing “unleadership” that controls the money already donated.
If you don’t like the armband idea, let’s come up with some kind of fundraising so we can survive this setback. Rise again!
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