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I was reading today What is hacker culture?[1]. I've been reading about this for so long online. There's people from minorities that feel threatened/abused [2] because Linus or somebody else dismisses their point because of their membership to the said minority.

The first thing first, I'm siding with the ones defending software quality, and not diversity over software.

Let me start by saying that I live in United States now, I lived before in Cuba, I'm white, black hair, Hispanic, and I was poor by the first world standards when I lived in Cuba. I've been contributing to GNOME for the last 3 years, and I never felt like attacked on that regard. I had my patches and contributions criticized, certainly not as harshly as Linus does [3], but I have never thought, for a second, that had anything to do with anything other than my code, and the quality of my contribution.

I believe we should dedicate to write better open source software and that's it.

To the aggravated ones I say: "Assume people mean well" If that's your first thought you'll be more ready to look at the criticism from a constructive point of view.

[2]: Just to make everybody happy, I'm not listing the feelings here, because that will turn the discussion somewhere else.
[3]: Again, please stay on topic. I'm certain he [Linus] doesn't do that all the time.

One last thing before I close: If someone try to hurt you because of your minority membership explicitly: Respond, defend your stand, remember the other party that's not important. And always try to be the better person.

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It's so unfortunate that you think there are sides and that it is a black and white choice. Matthew Garreth is a response to the latest idiotic post.

If you think it is black and white, then one side is "software quality over anything else". Being a dick online isn't something good or necessary. You can say exactly the same without being aggressive.

Further, just because you didn't experience it yourself doesn't mean there's nothing that needs to be addressed. Within GNOME we try to do loads to be as friendly as possible. But participation is still pretty poor. It's improving though.

Recommend read on latest ESR posts, then think again if some people don't need to speak out.
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Erick Perez Castellanos

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Photos has been evolving to help you share your precious moments the way you desire. Along with existing support for multiple cloud services, importing photos from camera will be just a click away.
Help us make Photos the only photo management app one needs.

Check out more about Photos at & try +Debarshi Ray's cutting edge branch at
This is the third in my series of blog posts about the latest generation of GNOME application designs. In this post, I'm going to talk about Photos. Out of the applications I've covered, this is the one that has the most new design work. One of the unique things about Photos is that it has been ...
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Welcome back!
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Erick Perez Castellanos

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Great music player for Windows!!! You should try it, it's free!!!. And you can help the fundraising to get one like it in Android
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Erick Perez Castellanos

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"Georges Basile Stavracas Neto: Files, a new dialog" #linux #feedly 
For those who follow my work, you may know me as a GNOME Calendar developer. Fair enought, most of my code is in Calendar, indeed. But why should I limit myself to Calendar? Hey, GNOME is huge, we ...
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Erick Perez Castellanos

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Fantastic update of Calendar wiki by +Georges Basile Stavracas Neto 
About Calendar. GNOME Calendar is a simple and beautiful calendar application designed to perfectly fit the GNOME desktop. By reusing the components which the GNOME desktop is build on, Calendar nicely integrates with the GNOME ecosystem.
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Erick Perez Castellanos

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GNOME Calendar just made it into 3.17.2 courtesy of our dearest +Georges Basile Stavracas Neto​.
The Calendar development team proudly announces the availability of GNOME Calendar 3.17.2 release! Major changes for this version: * Added translations * Added a calendar management dialog for creating, updating and deleting calendars * When adding a new event, use current date as event start ...
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Erick Perez Castellanos

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Yes, witty Google
Google made the Developer Options hidden starting with Android 4.2 so that average users wouldn't accidentally change some system settings which would cause problems on their device. Most of the setti
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Erick Perez Castellanos

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Thrilling trailer
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George Lucas is too fond of comic reliefs for my taste. I hope that with less influence from him this new trilogy will feel a bit more serious. :) 
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Erick Perez Castellanos

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Looking for a budget laptop for GNOME development? Any suggestions?
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I'm looking for something below the 500 mark. So far, I've only seen an HP Pavilion x320, cause I dont like the pointer inside the keyboard like the Tinkpads does
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Erick Perez Castellanos

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Great work on Calendar by +Georges Basile Stavracas Neto  Date selector is one hell of a good looking widget.
“Calendar is moving on.”
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