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Buyers self-segregate into three basic buying groups: visionaries, pragmatists and conservatives.

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Business buyers are even more cautious in purchasing novel devices than consumers, who are often offered trial products and have less at risk.
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New tech is confusing. It takes time to adjust the brain.
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Too often entrepreneurs and small businesses rush to create “me-too” applications without considering if it’s the best fit for them.

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The premise behind Google Now was as cool back when it launched as it was creepy: Let Google track everything you do on the web and in return your phone will be graced with a voice-activated assistant and a steady stream of “cards” full of personalized, pertinent information.

#googlenow #siri #ios
The premise behind Google's smart service is as cool and handy as it is creepy.
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In this podcast, adventurer and leadership professor Alison Levine discusses her personal struggles and the lessons she has learned along the way.
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At least on #Snapchat , your fans choose to view your message. 

The disappearing-message platform gives you a chance to connect with customers more casually.
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There is a growing movement of individuals drawn not only to the journey of entrepreneurship, but also to creating businesses with an environmentally-friendly mission.

#ecopreneurs #green #businessusual
Eco-minded entrepreneurs are making big impacts in many different sized businesses. Here are three entrepreneurs building their companies with an eco...
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Have them in circles
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Many managers dread the thought of managing a virtualized workforce out of fear of losing the ability to track employee progress. But that doesn't have to be the case.

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With more and more employees working virtually, here is how to manage your team in a cohesive manner.
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great solution
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Here are some steps to take to better protect yourself and your personal information.

#heartbleed #password #onlinesecurity
While the 'Heartbleed' bug is causing pandemonium in the online world, individuals need to stay calm and protect their personal information.
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Thanks for the advice!
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This is really impressive, considering the past 5 years America was in a recession. 

#franchise   #growingbusiness   #fran500  
These 57 newbies all started franchising in the past five years.
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E-commerce might be convenient, but there’s nothing quite like a mall day with friends. To unlock sales growth online, the founder of a new startup hopes to recreate the group shopping experience by better integrating social media.

#blucarat #ecommerce #onlineshopping #businessunusual
For years, product reviews and ratings were the only features to socialize the online shopping experience. So Tom Kwon created Blucarat to take interactive...
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Let me know more about this (
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