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Tributary Release

So I posted about my tributary project on G+ a day or so ago, but this morning I posted on to HN and Reddit
the original blog post:

Reddit /r/programming submission:

HN submission:

My blog server melted under some of the traffic strain, but the project up at has been running smoothly even with the huge influx of visitors.
Here is also the direct link to the video I made introducing it:
All aboard! Prepare yourself for a voyage through parameter space as we embark on project Tributary! Tributary is a web interface for live and responsive
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about 2k so far, ~500 from reddit, ~400 from twitter and ~300 from HN. I think it was too many visitors at once and misconfigured caching. also it's a micro instance, so it went down for a few minutes this morning.
Ian, great work btw, it looks pretty slick (and nice birds as background sound in the video ;)
thanks :) the first take had dogs barking in the background, it was a lot less pleasant.
Dear Ian, I am also a PhD student and I would to integrate in blender a volumetric simulation system, so I am a question for you: When you implemented SPH inside blender, did you have a separate process to do the simulation? How did you implemented the inter-process comunication?

Ok, if you like I will try to send to you an e-mail with more details.

Best regards!
Hey Jorge, you can send me an email and we can discuss it there :)
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