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Leader in network connectivity, monitoring and management
Leader in network connectivity, monitoring and management

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Learn how +Nimble Storage  and Emulex are making #Gen5 FC a reality for customers deploying CS-Series Flash Arrays:

NEWS: Emulex Unveils Next Gen #NPM Platform With Unprecedented Levels of Network Visibility:

Happy Monday! Learn more about using RoCE with OFED to increase your data center throughput and efficiency in this new blog:

Before adopting SDN solutions, check out this eWEEK News slideshow that showcases some key factors to consider:   

Read our latest Network Visibility blog on the growing requirement for fact-based fault domain isolation:

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Today, we appointed David Williams as VP of product management and strategy for our NVP portfolio. Read more here:

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Check out our guest blog from  the +Lenovo  blog on RDMA and network offloading to accelerate workloads:

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The World of Containers Doesn't End with Docker viaNetwork World: 

Reposted Blog from @InfiniBandTrade: Storage with Intense Network Growth and the Rise of #RoCE:

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Is now the time for 'brave IT?' +VMware  thinks so: 
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