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I really enjoyed Slovenia and the Sečovlje Salina. Kinda sad that I am now leaving the country. 

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First sunset I've ever experienced. 

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Interim CIRCLE of ❶st Contest of +Fine Art Fantastic Photos 
#fineartfantasticphotos   by +Heimo MAUSER 
& +Gemma Costa & +Robert SKREINER  - +Circle 4 You 
including all photographers who have already uploaded photos!

Who wants to be included in the next circle again, please share this circle. This is only a fair rule. Who wants to be promoted must also concede this to the others.
►►► How to get also into the next circle? - It's very easy:

1) Please share this circle publicly  in your stream!
2) Add the pages +Fine Art Fantastic Photos & +Circle 4 You 
     *and the curators to your circles:*
    +Heimo MAUSER & +Gemma Costa & +Robert SKREINER 
3) Join the NEW Community ►Top Photos on Google+◄      and share your best photos also to the Community.
4) Sign in to the ❶st Contest – +Fine Art Fantastic Photos here:
5) It is probably easy to understand that we leave off in new circles always
those who have not publicly shared a circle in their stream
in which they were included
+10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS   - +10000 Photographers BW 
+Nature Photos  +Landscape Photos  +Sea- & Lakescape Photos
+Cityscape Photos  +Photos of AUSTRIA 
+Weather and Natural Forces  +CATS all over the World +Circle 4 You
+BIRD LOVERS Worldwide  +DOG LOVERS Worldwide
+Robert SKREINER - PHOTOGRAPHY  +Classic Cars Photography
+Fine Art Fantastic Photos  +Texture Blend Photography
+Breakfast Club  +Street Fine Art Photography
+Mirrors and Reflections  +Photos of AUSTRIA

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Mmmmm Bacon. All over my body. In the shower! Who cares if I actually get clean?! (aff link)

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Hi Bitcoin -- You may find this interesting...

#Zimbabwe makes #BitCoin a national currency.
(See the shifts that are changing the world @ExplosiveTimes on Twitter:

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Night Light... Donner Lake, 1am, Truckee, California

A good night light makes you feel safer. Lets you see in the dark. Is discreet and doesn't sear your eyeballs out of their sockets if you have to get up in the middle of the night and don't want to run into the door frame.

A good night light kisses you on the forehead and says quite tenderly; "It's time to sleep, sweet thing. Good night." And you always reply "'Night, light. Sweet dreams."

A good night light is timeless. 
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