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Emily Cretella
Content marketing strategist & copywriter
Content marketing strategist & copywriter

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Still feeling so inspired by the many passionate communicators I met at yesterday's Aim High conference, hosted by Cheney & Company. Thanks for having me back this year, and for being such an enthusiastic group! 

#SchoolsAimHigh #ISMarketing #Education

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My vacation has come and gone, and all I’m left with is sand in my pocketbook, sunburn on my toes … and too many emails to count. (Oh yeah, and priceless family memories that will last a lifetime.)

But's it OK. Because I'm still stress-free. 

How? These simple tips helped make my transition back to business - and reality - suck a little less. So if you're heading out on vacation, or just returning, this is a must-read.

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What a great event!
Had a fabulous time presenting to and meeting the wonderful members of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools at their conference last week. Thanks for sharing your stories with me!

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My latest on +LinkedIn; check it out.  

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Is YOUR business content sending negative subliminal messages to your audience?
It may be innocent and unintentional, but your communications may be sending negative messages to your audience.

Here are three major, yet common, subliminal messages that creep into business content and make audiences stop reading … and stop paying attention to your brand.

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[FREE EBOOK] Jargon Rehab: Recover from Boring Business Writing.

So excited to share this FREE resource with you. 

Jargon Rehab is the ultimate workbook to help you cut the nonsense and tell the story your customers want to hear.

It's designed to help marketers and small business owners:

> Recognize both the meaningless and the meaningful components of your story

> Rediscover the special spark that gives your business power and influence

> Understand content marketing and the importance of “selling” with your storytelling

> Have specific action steps you can take to create a content-focused marketing plan

Ready for rehab?

#jargonrehab   #ebook   #contentmarketing   #marketing   #writing   #cursivecontent  

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Work smarter, not harder, right? Kinda.
All small business marketers should understand content repurposing and make it part of their routine.

Not only because it helps you deliver more content on more platforms to reach more of your audience.

But also because it makes your life so. much. easier.

#contentmarketing #smallbiz #cursivecontent

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Now can we all stop obsessing?
The days of being frightened by Pigeon are numbered (unless you live in New York City). Because Google is changing its ways.

Here's how Google's latest evolution will impact marketers and SEO.

#google #SEO #contentmarketing #cursivecontent

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"What social networks should my business be on?"

Good question. The answer? NOT ALL OF THEM. 

Here's how to determine the best social networks for your business. 
Avoid social burnout. Scale your social presence to fit your capabilities.

Here's how to determine the right social networks for your business.

#smallbiz #smallbusiness #socialmedia #smm #socialmediamarketing #contentmarketing #cursivecontent
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