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Emil Lamprecht
CEO @GrowthMechanic(s). Heading up UX Design @wholeds. Advisor @CareerFoundry. Active #thruhiker. Big into #socialimpact
CEO @GrowthMechanic(s). Heading up UX Design @wholeds. Advisor @CareerFoundry. Active #thruhiker. Big into #socialimpact

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We're in the process of rolling out a new Growth Mechanics website right now. I'd love input on our value prop, and if you understand what we do. :)

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It's alive... ALLIIIIIIVE!

At long last my team has pushed a site live that features... me! I think it's pretty cheesy, but happy we can start making my personal work more accessible to interested entrepreneurs, corporates and events that might make use of my keynote and workshop products.

Presenting Emil Lamprecht Dot Com

I wonder if using Chrome Incognito in a google office still means it's incognito....?

I'm writing a book called Reinventing Monday. All about how to make Monday's the most awesome day of the week and different people's methods of doing so.

What would you like to read about most?

 #mondaymotivation #reinventingmonday #monday   #worklife  

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Me at home on Vinalhaven, ME.

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Woot! If you're in Berlin come join us on Wednesday, we're talking about stuff like... HOW TO GET FAMOUS! ;-)
If you didn't make it to our last #UXDesignersHQ   #event  in #Berlin  you can watch the video here! We were talking about the difference between #ux  and #ui  design with +Hany Rizk, Lindsay Eyink and +Emil Lamprecht. Don't miss the next #FreelancersHQ  at +Betahaus on Wednesday 10 December :-)

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Don't read it!

Not unless you want to be convinced you should #learntocode  immediately!
Considering a #career path as a #developer?


Unless you want to be told you're 100% right! 

Huge thanks to +Lauren Mobertz for the deep dig on reasons to to become a developer and the #learning opportunities available to you!

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Check it out! Discount opportunity to take our courses!
We've extended our discount offer! Get 10% off ALL Career Foundry Courses!

Valid Until OCT. 3rd!

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Woot! I'm so happy to help launch this awesome community. Whether you're a #freelancer, wannabe, or actually just need help figuring out your #career, I highly recommend joining this community!

Special events warmed up for #Berlin, #London and #Amsterdam, but if you want to help us to do something in your town, let us know!
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