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Emilio Pucci
Luxury fashion made in Italy
Luxury fashion made in Italy


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When in Venice! The billboard ad of the #PucciFW16 Campaign on the facade of Chiesa degli Scalzi.
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On Vogue :Gigi Hadid wearing a Pucci outfit from S/S 16 Show Collection in store now.
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Psychedelic geometries on Florentine rooftops spinning at a metropolitan speed. Pucci keeps the pulse right where it grew: in the Palazzo.
Ease. Velocity. Irreverence. These are the bywords.
New balances are found under the historied sign of the coat of arms. The new Pucci tribe gathers, effortlessly.

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The Pilot Episode Collection has landed in stores! Click here to discover more, we have a new story to tell #PucciPilot #MassimoGiorgetti
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Shop now:
Emilio Pucci debuts its first ever skateboard in cinematic trailer style in collaboration with NOWNESS, the award winning global video channel, resulting in a short film to be released simultaneously with the launch of the skateboard collection.
In Rolling with Emilio Pucci, director Edward Housden depicts model Martha-Rose Redding skates in a silk crèpe di chine dress from the 2016 Pilot Resort Collection designed by Emilio Pucci Creative Director Massimo Giorgetti as she is out-rivalled by tween boys. “I was trying to think of an unconventional way to use the skateboard because I wanted to take the film away from becoming like a modern skate video. We’re treating it much more like a short film, rather than a fashion film or music video or something”, says Housden, adding that “It was great to work with the kids.”
The tie-in to youth is particularly apropos. In fact, the skateboards are fruit of a school project whereby students from Swiss art and design University ECAL (University of Art and Design, Lausanne) were immersed in Emilio Pucci’s print archives and challenged to reinterpret the Pucci codes in innovative ways. One of the winning ideas by Clémence Chatel was “Dolce Vita”, a set of irreverent patterns brimming with motifs of Italian culture – pasta, ice cream and more – in this case used to deck out skateboards rather than Pucci’s coveted fashions.
Produced in a limited edition, the skateboards are available in seven bubbly prints on two different styles.
The Street Shape is a professional skateboard seen on streets and skate parks, specially designed for tricks such as ollies, airs, flips, slides, grinds and manuals. It is available in the “Dolce Vita Aldente” print and “Dolce Vita Limoni”, the latter in both turquoise and pink colour variations.
The second model is the old-school Cruiser Shape, perfect for everyday use thanks to larger and softer wheels that make it suitable for travel on asphalt, gravel and concrete. Small, practical, lightweight and compact, it is available in “Dolce Vita Gelato”, “Dolce Vita Scacchi”, “Dolce Vita Diamanti” and a purple variation of the “Dolce Vita Limoni” print.
Both Street and Cruiser are authentic skater boards made from specially selected hardwood printed with an innovative technique that guarantees optimum photo quality, scratch resistance, durability and surface smoothness, for an overall higher quality than conventional printing techniques used for skateboards.
The boards will be available starting October 12th 2015 exclusively on the online flagship store
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Emilio! A coat of arms and a tattoo-signature. The spontaneous mark of a regeneration.
Cinematic seascapes for urban mermaids.
The exotic summers of Emilio Pucci in the now interpretation of Massimo Giorgetti.
Bling bling. At a metropolitan speed.
Askew. Pointy. Unbalanced. Dynamic.
Distorted marina stripes morph into a top.
Knotting. A playful gesture.
Foulard dressing. A grammar of effortlessness.
Swimming goggles for a clear vision.
Pearls, as studs: subverting notions, in a zing.
Feather Frivolity.
Wide, micro-pleated, layered.
Suddenly, total white. Then, a brief blackout.
Corals and shells, waves and starfishes, sailors and ropes: protagonists of a surface story.
Ease, energy, speed.
A fluid trench-coat over a satin dress. In color block.
Mechanical fishes: sur la plage, in the club.
Ocean blue, aqua, pale turquoise, cilestrino light blue, pink, acid green, purple: Emilio’s hues, remixed.
Adding, editing, morphing, twisting. Modularity as a state of mind. Ready to wear. Easy to wear. Now.
Thursday, September 24th 2015
Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 16 Fashion Show
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The inspirational video of "The Pilot Episode", the new Emilio Pucci collection by Massimo Giorgetti.
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 Emilio Pucci "The Pilot Episode" by Massimo Giorgetti

Another beginning, right where it all started, with a new spirit and a founding perspective: timelessly modern, inclusively ageless and immediate.
Florence as a value. Respect for the past as the essence of progress, no nostalgia attached.
A palpable Italian flair. Unexpected ease, a boost of immediate energy.
Pucci as interpreted by Massimo Giorgetti opens the doors of the Palazzo: the iconic rooftop is now linked to the street. The mood is energetic, the speed accelerated, the result is precise.
Archive prints bring another Emilio to the fore: the painterly composer. New motifs add a dash of comic strip pop art irony as with the print “Tourists in Florence” which is also interpreted on embroideries.
The new logo is a rhythmic pattern, intertwined with the Florentine lily.
The scarf turns into a dress with a simple gesture, or creates a recurring theme in the form of a knot, like a scarf tied at the neck. The shirt is pivotal, as an item either to respect or deconstruct.
Masculine loafers and flat sandals with feathers run throughout.
The Pucci colors are reshuffled and remixed.
Modularity as a state of mind. The collection is a system of elements for building and rebuilding one’s image according to individual whims.
Nonchalance as an attitude and a quality: ready to wear as easy to wear, making a statement.
‪#‎PucciPilot‬ ‪#‎EmilioPucci‬
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Luisa Via Roma has joined with Hasbro for ‪#‎Firenze4Ever‬ 11th Edition – Over the Rainbow. As part of the MAKE KIDS HAPPY project, twelve top designers have customized a one-of-a-kind giant My Little Pony.
Discover "My little Pony" by Emilio Pucci, bid now and support Save The Children
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On the occasion of Pitti Uomo 88 Emilio Pucci presents The Pilot Episode by Massimo Giorgetti : 17June 2015, Florence ‪#‎PucciPilot‬
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