as posted before, my landlord's persimmon tree runneth over with hachiya persimmons. sounds like a job for sweet bread!

i used the James Beard’s Amazing Persimmon Bread Recipe recipe on David Lebovitz's site:
except i mixed half the liquor with the dried fruit and let it soak for a bit to soften the fruit and draw out some flavor.

this batch was made with apricots, cherries, walnuts, cheap brandy ($30 for cognac just for cooking? ouch, no. $9 brandy, thank you.), and 2 cups brown sugar. it's the first time i used parchment to cook a loaf, though i'm not sure it's necessary with these non-stick pans. i'll experiment with the next batch.

the bread turned out delightfully - a dark and slightly chewy crust, soft fruit, firm walnuts, the wintery joy of brandy and nutmeg, and, surprisingly, the distinct honey-like note of persimmon still stands out. now i've got to organize a little picking & pulping party!

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