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The light, the colours, the people, the crowded narrow streets... BH* has certainly got competition!

*Bourj Hammoud, my favorite place to shoot in Beirut, Lebanon.
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Thanks! True because it's the closest to me :o)
If only Kathmandu was around the corner, I wouldn't have minded that either...
Great colors and light, Emilie! Good luck in the competition!
Wonderful light and street life +Emilie Houwat 
You should try beaming for being there faster  ... :-)
Andy Q.
Wow, very cool. I´m fairly sure I´d have shot a whole roll of film on this spot alone, haha...
Thanks +Terry Fabre, it actually doesn't give the place enough credit!

Oh boy Elena, did I need to remind myself about that? Hehe...

Haha, +Erwin Vindl, did this ever work with you? :o) Thanks!

Hell yes you would Andy!! It was magical, period. Going to such a place and then having to come back home? It's not that pleasant I assure you...
Tending a garden is a lot of work. but you well done ... ) all are great in this single frame. love all +Emilie Houwat
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