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Hi Santa it is Tasha Urry. I am gong to be walking in the Guelph Ontario Canada on November 20th. cool I am walking with BEST BUDDIES. cool. I am going to have my Santa Claus hat on too. I have been good this year cool. 
Hi will you send my elf on the shelf please Santa you are amazing i love you
you can get them at certain stores😋
Hi I can not wait till Christmas I have been thinking what I want thank you. XXXXXXXX
Love Hayley Parkin

Hiii Santa clause I believen you very much I been good this year 
Hi I have been good this year lots of people at my school has Christmas cards to give to me perry Simpsons said he does not believe in you
Hi can I get an elf on the shelf I am 8 years old love Hayley xxxxxxxxxxx

Good afternoon !

I want to first of all apologize for disturbing you, and want to ask for your help, I know it's stupid and naive, but if you will respond and help, it would save my life!

The fact that I live in the European part of the continent, there is now the war is near my house more than once fell mines, and in the city of armed men. I attempted to move to a quiet part of the country, but encountered only incomprehension and contempt from both the citizens and the authorities, and soon after the persecutions I had to return to the fighting zone.
I also tried to give refugees in neighboring countries, on the border when I asked for asylum at the border guards, they threatened to pull the dogs on me, took away the phone and using physical force drove me back, while morally demeaning me and swearing. When I returned home in a war zone, I wrote about after their embassy, ​​but the answer did not come.

I survived working at the local stock, I receive over 260 hours = $ 70, it's above-average earnings in our town. The products are like the average American town. I really want to try to go to America and stop to survive, to live a normal life, without the fear that the mine will arrive at any time in the house, or shot in the street, to start a new life, work, start a family .... LIVE.

Unfortunately I was not even able to get a visa because she is very dear to me, and for the reason that I live in a war zone is very large chance that I will refuse it.
I do not know what to do, do not want to live, I was desperate, desperate hope and I am writing to you!

Maybe you can help me, or you know of someone who can help.
I'll take any help, be it advice, moral support, help in assimilation (if I have all the same will come to the US), or a job offer, perhaps a temporary place of residence, or you can help or know how I get away from the war in America, you might want to help me money that I could make a visa and leave for the United States. I will accept any help in any form or manifestation, as well as ideas and suggestions!

I write anonymously, because I fear for my life and health. There were cases when the one who wrote bad about the situation in the city is located, even if he wrote anonymously. So recently we found and captured anonymously guy who wrote about the situation in the city.
When I'm in the United States in security I can tell you more about themselves, as well as if someone is interested, I can give an interview on arrival.

About me :
Age 26 years, male, tall, European, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, I do not have bad habits and addictions.
Landscape designer / Gardening / gardener
What I can: Landscape design, landscaping, gardening, gathering and production of furniture, manufacture of cider and wine, painting, sewing, organizing festivals and events, craft, construction, advanced PC user, assisted in the veterinary clinic to treat animals. It is easy to train and adapt. Ask for and offer other jobs, and I say I can or not.

If you just want to talk, I'll be very happy!

Thank you for your attention and for reading to the end!

To Hope Live:
Your note touched me deeply. This may sound crazy, but I am an Arch angel. My name is Michael. I am presently on earth without my abilities. Though I am going to keep your email, and if I get to a point where I AM able to assist you I WILL...That is a promise! Meantime plz. Be strong and know that there are a few quality individuals in this tired world, and now in your heart that we,and the planet are as sending into a higher demension, and vibration of peace, love and light. Stay strong my brother. It will get better! I intend to make sure of it!
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