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Hi all,

I'm new to GBMods. I some questions I hope somebody can answer them:

1. What is the difference between GBWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp+, and GBWhatsApp3?
2. Can GBWA, GBWA+ & GBWA3 run side by side?
3. Can GBWA, GBWA+, or GBWA3 run with the original WhatsApp installed?
4. Is it possible to have 3 or 4 WhatsApp account on one Android phone?

Thank you.

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I just published my review of #BatmanvSuperman on
There's a reason why this movie is called Batman v Superman, and not the other way around: because he's the Goddamn Batman, that's why.

Read the full review from the link below.
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You guys know any CPU monitoring app that can show which app is using my CPU cycles? My S4 i9500 is overheating 42°C after a few hours of usage.

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Hi guys.

I have an old Sandy Bridge Core i3 system I bought back in 2011. I only have $350 max for upgrades and probably won't be spending more money on my PC until 2018. I only play AAA games in 1080p and don't mind going down to medium settings in the next 2-3 years. My next build in 2018 will be geared towards 4K gaming (I'm skipping 1440p).

What should I get?

Specs are below:
Core i3 2100 (with H67 mobo)
Radeon R9 280X
1080p monitor
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Upgrade CPU to Core i5 3570 (non-K)
Upgrade GPU to GTX 970
Upgrade both
Sell it (Why? Comment)

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Guys, I need your help deciding.

Gold Platinum or Silver Titanium?

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Gold Platinum
Silver Titanium

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Check out this #photosphere of Bidadari Island, Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta, Indonesia
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Nice read. I thought I watched every superhero flicks, but there are movies on this list I didn't know about.
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He ask for 100 Likes on his post and in return he will make Yoma icon pack free for one day!
What if.... I make Yoma Icon Pack Free? ;)

If i get 100+ likes on this post i'll make it free the next day!
I know likes might be too many but i want to know if people who already paid for the icon pack, have no problem. :)
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I have a Nexus 4 running Stock 4.4 rooted, unlocked bootloader, custom kernel, recovery and bootloader. What is the best way to upgrade to 4.4.1 right now?

Will the latest 4.4 PA Gapps works with 4.3 ROMs?
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