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Vojeet's To-Do List: (´Д`;)/ヽァ・・・

//- Finish Reason projects:
-Die Dicke E-Saite (Speedcore)
-Maamaaa (Speedcore)
-Furry Bottom (Speedcore)
-Götterfunken | Beautiful Spark Of The Gods (Speedcore)
-I have the right to exist (Be Pregnant And Have Rheuma Edit)
-Explosion in the Stratosphere (Extended Version)
-For The Sake Of All Living Things (Drum and Bass)
-Jeden Tag Die Gleiche Leier (Drum and Bass)
-Spaziergang in Bunt (Drum and Bass)
-npdnb05 (Drum and Bass)
-Schaue Zu, Wenn Er Verbrennt (Drum and Bass)
-Dasseinsberechtigung (Iwakura Rein Is Grown Up) (Drum and Bass)
-Future Compilation on MockRadar (maybe "Von Zu Hause Zum Friedhof Und Zurück")
-ATP Is Required (Bigbreakbeat)
-Don't Forget To Wash Your Penis (Bigbreakbeat)
-Schildkrötentanz (Bigbreakbeat)
-Schöne Zeiten (???)
-dnb03 (Footwork Jungle Edit), dnb14, dnb15 (Drum and Bass)
-tc08, tc09, tc10, tc11, tc13 (Techno)

//- Finish Renoise projects:
-Insectoid Musical Chairs ~ AV Game
-Vojeet feat. Stormtrooper (Footwork Jungle Edit)
-A.D.2030 (Footwork Jungle Edit)
-Shogun (Footwork Edit)
-Reisende Pferde Soll Man Ziehen Lassen (Footwork Jungle Edit)
-Wipeout (Footwork Jungle Edit)
-Bomberman (Footwork Jungle Edit)
-Kowareta Hyoushi - verlorene Stille (Breakcore)
-Kowareta Hyoushi - Yoma | Kowareta Hyoushi - Werde Auch Du Zu Einem Yoma (Breakcore)
-Kowareta Hyoushi - Schlussleben (Breakcore)
-Kowareta Hyoushi - Faux Amis (Breakcore)
-Kowareta Hyoushi - Das Mädchen Und Die Kalte Gruft (Breakcore)

//- Finish Podcast projects:
-Asian Breaks 7 and 8

//- Finish showcase and releases projects:
-Sichere Dein Leben (showcase)
-Bigbreakbeat (Breakbeat)
-Raum der Komplikationen (Techno)
-Walking In The Night (Experimental)

//- Finish remix projects:
-House Of The Sun (Remix) (Renoise)
-ESCII/E605 projects (Footwork Jungle Hardcore Gabber Edit) (Renoise)
-Panakronic - Dirty Bomb (Kowareta Hyoushi RMX) (Renoise)
-Terminal11 feat. Coppe - The Bird's Midair Heatstroke (Kowareta Hyoushi RMX) (Renoise)

//- Finish collaborations:
-intactrods (Drum and Bass) (FLStudio)
-Sexual Prey (Footwork Jungle) (Renoise)
-BooT-SectoR-ViruZ (Breakcore) (Renoise)
-Orca (Footwork Jungle) (Ableton Live)
-Alojzy Kowalczyk - Fanatische Menschen (Don't Pigeonhole Me Remix) (Reason)
-Morphcore-bbb10 (Bigbreakbeat) (Reason)
-Hellcore - Kernwechsel (Speedcore) (Reason)


The list does not claim completeness.
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el vojeet

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Charming Chrissy has played one of my Speedcore projects (new release should be coming soon) at the 11 years Saxony Speedcore Force in Dresden.

Chrissy: "best part of the whole nite was playin the track in this vid, with one of me speedcore idols Vojeet.... lookin on somewhere in the dark foggy abyss of triebwerk"
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el vojeet

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Radio NFTM has a new review! About something that was found on MockRadar.

MR015: “Simiiform – Alien World Music E.P.”

The long awaited first release from the artist formerly known as “The Savage Apes of Mars” Alien World Music; is a melodic bit fueled artistic expression piece. Seamlessly blending elements from Breakcore, Chiptune, and Electro Breaks, with a nice dash of humor and emotion masterfully thrown in for good measure. Simiiform has laid his mark on the underground electronics scene with this release. MockRadaR is proud to add this talented producer to our roster and bring his eloquently constructed soundscapes to the ears of MockRadaR listeners worldwide.

If you aren't just quite sure of what kind of music you'd like to break your ears to, here's something you need! "Alien World Music" by Simiiform, a release published by MockRadar. Combining chiptunes, breakcore and IDM with ...
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el vojeet

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el vojeet

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WooP WooP, avant de finir l’année, un GeekOMixe de plus!
Vœux en musique sous forme d’une tape diffusée sur Secteur 51, et intitulée RetrOMage… parce que si t’as pas connu les cassettes audio, t’as tout loupé ta formation de geek.

Il est en écoute sur MixCloud : RetrOMage – GeekOTape Mina #03

✚ En Intro, Brunnen-G, l’hymne de la série Lexx, dont vous pouvez lire une description dans mon article Retro SciFi TVShows

♪♬ Puis the best mashup evaaar, avec Kool Temperature, rencontre réussie entre Sean Paul et Kool and the Gang, juste parfait.

✚ Qui n’a jamais dit "Leeloo Dallas Mouletipasse" avec un bon accent français me jette des pixels : ouais, t’as vu, c’est Bruce Korben Willis en guest x)

♪♬ You Make Me Feel, the real one, et là Jimmy Somerville te rappelle pourquoi cette Geek’O Tape s’appelle "retromage", attend, la suite arrive

✚ Cyprien, le film, à retrouver dans la filmographie geek, nerdy clash in French

♪♬ Get into the true de Madonna par Toop Toop Groove, encore un remix bien amené

✚ USB Wine, que j’ai déjà placé dans un mix précédent, mais bon, si ça se trouve tu l’avais pas encore entendu

♪♬ Two Princes de Spin Doctors est suivi par ✚ Stacy et le porte-flingue : saviez-vous que le film Wayne’s World avait été traduit en français par l’équipe des Nuls? Voilà maintenant tu sais pourquoi tu dis "engaaagement" en plein milieu de la rue

♪♬ On reste dans le ton avec Le Casse de Brice (avant de s’exporter, Jean Dujardin avait quand même fait fort question french kiss kitsch), ✚ Serial Killer de la Cité de la Peur, et ♪♬ La Carioca, la boucle est bouclée.

♪♬ How ya doin’, que bon si tu connais pas la version originale tant pis mais la reprise est réussie (pour rappel, c’est De La Soul, Ring Ring Ring, album De La Soul Is Dead, 1991).

✚ 2,21 Gigowatts, fort à propos pour finir ce mix en mode Retour Vers le Futur, et on conclue avec ♪♬ l’OST de Ghosbusters.
Comme le dit le Capitaine, "défi BO relevé"! Et hop, dans les bacs.
NEXT étape : 2014.


Le mix est à retrouver sur MixCloud ici :

Ecoutez Secteur 51 pour découvrir les autres Geek’OTapes, actuellement en diffusion ;)

.•*¨*•☆Lundi 10h30 – 11h
.•*¨*•☆ Mardi 3h – 3h30
.•*¨*•☆ Mercredi 18h – 18h30
.•*¨*•☆ Jeudi 7h30-8h
.•*¨*•☆ Vendredi 20h 20h30
.•*¨*•☆ Samedi 10h30 – 11h
.•*¨*•☆ Dimanche 17h30 – 18h
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el vojeet

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Collaboration between Vojeet and Msymiakos.

いいの いいの いいの いいの いいの いいの いいのっかぁ〜!
- quote by Schusei

#footwork #jungle #deathnote #japanese #anime #breaks #renoise #808 #bass #contrast
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Vojeet vs Msymiakos - What Did He Die For
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Radio NFTM presents Podcast #8 and Round 2 for our MockRadar productions. 

SNM - Radio NFTM Intro
Sexual Prey - OnceUponATime (ADHD)
Sexual Prey - Grey (ADHD)
Verdroid - tik ta ring (Ingredient)
Verdroid - digital scratch (Ingredient)
John Merrik - Raised on the NES (H8bit)
SNM - U aint My Bitch (H8bit)
Blissphemy - Bit Factory (H8bit)
Cheomap - not a song (H8bit)
Vojeet - Just a Little 8Bit (H8bit)
Simiiform - Locked-in Syndrome (Alien World Music)
Simiiform - Stephen Hawking Dance Moves (Alien World Music)

For moa stuff by Radio NFTM go to or or or here

#radionftm #mockradar #drama #idm #breakcore
Radio NFTM
Radio NFTM Podcast #8 Round 2 into MockRadar
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el vojeet

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( ^ _ ^)∠☆PAN!For the sake of completeness.
New releases are coming, on Bandcamp.

#1 - Omnitolerant
This release contains my harsh, noisy and over-compressed projects. Some of those tracks have a horrible sound, but they have that certain something and I want to share this certain something with ya.

Artwork By: Vojeet
Photograhpy By:
Title By: he wants to be anonymous

//- Forthcoming releases
#2 - Bigbreakbeat [Breakbeat - WIP 90%]
#3 - Raum der Komplikationen [Techno - WIP 70%]
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A note for the forthcoming and older releases on Bandcamp:
- Let fans pay if they want (need money for drugs and equipment, especially both)
- require email address if fan enters zero
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Renoise 3.0.0 showcase of the collaboration between Vojeet and Msymiakos "What Did He Die For". 

い~の! い~のっ! とい とい とい とい!! (`・ω・´)
- quote by Kenkotaiji

いいの いいの いいの いいの いいの いいの いいのっかぁ〜!
- quote by Schusei

#footwork #jungle #renoise #Msymiakos
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Have always been fascinated with whole tracking music workflow. I expect I have much to learn, even on a basic level?
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ATTENTION: RapidFire UberCheese! %-}

This is, what I was listening to as a teenager: HappyRave and -Hardcore. Always a bit to loud, always a bit to fast and always smiling..! 

Let me take you on a short but hyperactive trip back to the early 90ies, when Ravers wore white safety-suits and vacuum cleaners on their backs.. (It's timestamped!)
HappyHappy Rave
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