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El Tiburón Grande
Boundaries fade for those who have left behind the fear of getting lost.
Boundaries fade for those who have left behind the fear of getting lost.

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The Epic Struggle between RGB and CMYK - Color reproduction systems from the Digital Realm and the Print Realm. One clan wields the additive Power of Light. The other, the subtractive Power of Ink.

(I'm developing this into a full-blown cartoony infographic.)

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I've seen people make chicken soup out of chicken shit. They are called creative. And their ingredients are not different from everyone else's.

#tbt #tf

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I want the next administration to counter and prevent the exact issues described in this article. What are the current candidates fighting for? I need proof from their track records. Promises and proclamations don't count.

I am naive. I have better things to do than make a tally of people's shortcomings. And I will not succumb to picking the lesser evil. This is MY simple, sanity-saving method: Bet on their proven potential, not against their flaws.


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Decades ago, my cousins who were serving in the US Navy talked about how ships went up one side of a hill then down the other side. These gigantic vessels traversed through the Panama Canal.

I believed the story, but I always remembered it like an urban legend. Then I saw actual footage of the canal gates and pumps in action, today.

(Side note: One of my favorite palindromes- A man, a plan, a canal. Panama.)

#amazing #engineering #tf

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Almost every major news agency contributed to the confusion. CLARIFIED: The TRO is for applications, not operations.

Still good, nakatikim ang QCRTC ng angil ng netizens. We want better service, better serviced vehicles, and better ways of getting them.

Please use code: UBERTIBURON if you have yet to sign up with Uber. :D

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Calling it a green bike is an over-understatement.

The Chopper Charger. An all-in-one bicycle, electric bike, and electricity generator.

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Poor drive-thru staff. I hope there's a sequel.

#AI   #Skynet   #AkoAyRobot   #RobotAko  

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Reminds me of a Filipino proverb that goes, "Nasa Diyos ang awa. Nasa tao ang gawa."

Translated literally in English, it goes, "Mercy belongs to God. Action belongs to men."

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Radical Islamism strikes me as an advanced form of cancer, aggressive and spreading out of control. If we are to find a cure, we must educate ourselves, raise awareness and support people who are in the position to be most effective in the fight. +Maajid Nawaz seems to be one of them.

#paris #rejectISIS #NasaDiyosAngAwaNasaTaoAngGawa

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We need this kind of wit to alleviate our depression from the reality of politics in the Philippines. Also wondering what my Canadian friends and cousins think of this episode. #Canada #JohnOliver
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