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elliott bledsoe
I am the grumpy cat of arts marketing! 😾
I am the grumpy cat of arts marketing! 😾

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I just read Susan Fowler's post about her year working at +Uber​, and all the shit she (and other women) have had to endure. I can't make Uber a better company, but I can stop using their service.

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This is what I submitted trough the app before uninstalling it:

'This morning I read Susan Fowler's post about her experiences of sexism and sexual harassment while working in engineering at Uber. The ongoing and systemic mishandling of her situations and similar situations experienced by other women working at Uber makes me more angry and disappointed than I can explain. It sounds like Uber is a purile pissing contest internally. I'm aware that this support ticket is unlikely to have any impact at Uber. So I am removing the app from my phone, and request you permanently remove my account.'

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I will lose my shit if September by Earth, Wind & Fire is on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! #nowplaying

I bet you can't spreadsheet like I spreadsheet!

I don't get is in-app browsers – are you afraid I won't come back to your app if I use the purpose-built web browser app on my phone?!

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#amwatching the #webcast of Dr Rebecca Giblin's talk 'What if we could re imagine copyright?' at +Monash Law School. I'll be tweeting about the talk at

#copyright #webcast #lawtalks

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Do you think things about copyright should change? Register to watch Dr Rebecca Giblin's webcast on reimagining copyright. 2.30 pm (AEDT) today.

Hosted by +Monash Law School, +Monash University #copyright #webcast #lawtalks 

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So I started a thing... In 2017 I will not be returning to +Queensland Writers Centre. They are a great organisation who do important work, but I wanted to help lots of artists and arts organisations tell their stories.

I'm excited (and scared!) to announce +Agentry, a communications agency for the arts!

#agentry #artscomms #enoughsaid
We're new, but we're not noobs! We're a communications agency for the arts.

#agentry #artscomms #enoughsaid
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Hey creative types, what are your thoughts about creative practice and copyright? An independent research project at American University School of Communications is seeking diverse respondents to take their survey.

#copyright #creativity

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The +Australian Taxation Office will crackdown on +Uber and ridesharing moonlighting.

I knew it was only a matter of time. How long until +Airbnb stays are taxed as well?

via +The Courier-Mail #Uber #GoCatch #Lyft #Airbnb #ridesharing #sharingeconomy

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+Uber​​ has established an AI Lab to identify and solve fundamental technical issues with self-driving cars and artificial intelligence to give them a significant competitive advantage.

#selfdrivingcars #artificialintelligence #AI #machinelearning #ridesharing #Uber #UberAILab
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