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Never give up.
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All that work and then...surprise! It's Friday! #tGIF  
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Sometimes, you just don't want to be bothered.
LOL! Don't touch me!
#cat #lol #funny #funnygifs

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Congrats to Sara Blakely for her recent part ownership of Atlanta Hawks! Maybe she will develop some undergarments for those guys!
Meet Sara Blakely. She is an American businesswoman and founder of Spanx, a multi-million-dollar undergarment company. She is worth $1.1 billion. She is about to be a part owner of the Atlanta Hawks. #winnng #realswag #atl #hawks #nba
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elizabeth lopez

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elizabeth lopez

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Happy Sunday everyone!
TY +Matt Cutts for the Sunday roses.
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elizabeth lopez

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wooo hooo!
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Fun day on the river!
Group rafting trips are fun with friends on the river.
A cloudy day, but filled with laughter and joy.
That's what river rafting is all about!
April 2015
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Thanks Elizabeth! Give us a call and we will take great care of you and your friends! 888.723.8938
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Just heard from our negotiators on the river.
Thanks to FERC!
Middle Fork American is a river near Auburn just northeast of Sacramento, California. One of the prettiest rivers in our whitewater arsenal, we expect that we can raft the river every year. This year, our season will have som...
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Check the blog regularly for updates and postings about rivers in California.
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A24 has released a chilling new trailer, titled "Implications", for their sci-fi thriller film Ex Machina (previously) directed by Alex Garland. The trailer brings the dangers of advanced artificia...
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thanks for sharing this +Danny Sullivan !
Using Google Analytics to measure your content marketing efforts.
Columnist Jonathan Blank outlines the three elements of Google Analytics that every content marketing team should understand.
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ty +Laughing Squid for this post about NYC All-Women Mariachi Band!
‘Flor de Toloache’, The First Episode in Subway Video Series Focuses on New York City’s All-Women Mariachi Band
In the first episode of Rhythm in Motion, a 10-part subway music video series produced in partnership with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, filmmaker Jenny Schweitzer focused her lens on ...
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elizabeth lopez

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