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Join in to the discussion on elmentary development, have a look at our current progress and ask a few question of your own.
Developer Hangout
Sat, September 29, 2012, 12:00 PM EDT

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Is this for just developers? Can normal users like me join your chat? I really want to watch your talk.
@КалоянГенков Sorry i read it but i don't know Google+ features very well. I thought this hangout is for everyone in deveoplment team. And allowing normal users to chat didn't make sense to me. After all i have nothing to say about development process. Becouse i don't know anything about technical stuff. But i want to listen. Anyways thank you for explaining.
Google+ limits the number of people chatting in a hangout. But hangouts can be public and therefore - being broadcasted for everybody. After the hangout, there's an youtube video with the hangout recorded, so even if you miss it, you could watch it later. The host of the hangout has power to invite/remove people from the conversation.
Wow! This is really cool. It's really good to know these things. That's great. Thanks dude!
+Ferhat Tunctan Well it will most probably only consist of developers and designers of our own this time, but that may just change in the future ;)
What does WEST refer to (I'm assuming it's a timezone, but which one?)
+Nico Burns That should actually be your timezone if google+ is doing it's magic correctly
I hope they smooth out some of the performance and Mac installs first. Then I can dump OSX.
They say the'll take questions via IRC, and that its live via youtube.
+elementary, I personally prefer gnumeric for spreadsheets. For word processing, I don't think we have a nice linux solution.. LibreOffice is bad and fat :D
Kamran, different strokes for different folks. I hardly consider Elementary OS/Linux a "Stupid OS". It meets my needs and works well with my workflow. So I will use it. In fact i've already dropped OSX in favour of Elementary.
Convincing troll is convincing. Must fight... grammar nazi urges..!!
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