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We had to move to a different Hangout, so you guys are welcome to watch on Youtube as soon as we are ready.
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Shame it's the moon that never ends...  Will install the nightly as soon as I can get a DVD-RW drive for my ThinkPad.  
+Kyle Lund, you don't need to have a CD to install elementary or other modern linux distro. Personally I do the following:
1. I install Unetbootin (sudo apt-get install unetbootin for ubuntu, google it for windows)
2. Download an iso of the current unstable version of luna from here:
3. Plug an usb drive with ~1 gb free space (it may contain files in it, they wont be wiped, but after the preparation of the USB drive, you'll get some more folders in the USB root directory. Also, make sure there are no other usb drives, external hdds, etc (it's not a big deal if you have them plugged, but you'll have to figure out which is the right in the unetbootin's options.
4. Start unetbootin, select the iso you've downloaded. At the bottom there's a combobox with the external drive which's going to be prepared.
5. Click OK and wait some minutes.
6. Turn on your thinkpad and select the usb drive to boot from, then select default. Try the OS and as you'll like it, install it ;)
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