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Extra! Extra! New Kavinsky track and it's fucking amazing! I'm hearing bits of Jean Michel-Jarre, bit's of Brad Fiedel's music for The Terminator, all wrapped up in some pumping Electro and SynthWave.
I cannot wait for the album, and really cannot wait to see him live in a couple of months!
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The KING is style! Best news I've had all day!
Just when I was thinking he's milked Nightcall just that little bit too much - OMFG this really is fucking amazing!!!
There's a hook/riff that reminds me a bit of Abba. Is that just me? 
+Steven Wall Yeah, there's a flourish at the end of the first bar of the riff that's pretty Abba, and the middle of the third bar sounds like the end credits of The Terminator. Veeeeeery nice.
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