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It is with Great, Great, Please that I get to post this announcement. :)

A cure for type-1 (Insulin dependent) diabetes has been announced at the presented at the 5th International Biopharmaceutical Industry Development Innovation Forum in Shanghai China today by Prof. Dr. Ulrich von Arnim, a German who has been living in Australia for 17 years. Dr von Arnim’s cure uses a combination of drugs that are freely available with the main one being a tuberculosis vaccine. This cure has an 80-90% Success-rate with a consistent 80% cure. Diabetes is the Plague of the 21st Century. The prevalence of diabetes has doubled in our population since 1994 and continues to rise, currently 284Million persons suffer from Diabetes Type 1, a total of just under 5% of the WORLDS population.
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I think +Denise Boyd might want to hear this... She's on CST zone.
I'll share this, tomorrow morning.
Sure, I think I just naw Neil Shaffer too, where does he work.. I should know.
At this point all I'd like to say is, 1) how much money do people receive in research grants, donations, private donations, medical supplies, what would happen to all of these pharmaceutics companies, and insurance organizations who make a considerable amount of money off type-1 diabetes. which is now up to 5% of the WORLD's population and Growing. 28Million People. ( coincendently just a little above the number of people who are affected/inslaved in humman trafficking, and that's a 38billion dollar a year industry, you can double that number for diabetes. ) So what happens if there's a cure? Who runs the world?
It would be GREAT NEWS, if this turns out to be true. But there have been such claims before...
It is true, I have testimony's from the people who he's cured. I'm not going to say he did everything in the "proper" way, but then most people who change the world don't. I'm working on a video with him now that explains allot. But these allegations by this newspaper, I can't get believe the Prof talked them or if he did it was under false pretense. i.e. they were taking his words out of context. I can't believe he even agreed to the interview. I'm waiting for confirmation but it's 2am in Australia
Cool, I thought you were just sharing news article...
Let me know what happens.
I am just the tech support and do a little more here and there for these people. They are good people. Perhaps a little too good. You wouldn't believe what the professor has gone through in his struggle to complete his studies and to bring this into public eye. And rather than praise, and thank god there is a cure, he gets "con-man" This is the way our world works when there are billions of dollars at stake.
+Kwan Nam I looked into that a little further, and the article is absolutely false, there was no interview etc. the people behind the article actually own a German company which produces the insulin implants. But I don't know if you noticed or not, but that article was written in 2011. The professor has littlerally had his bank accounts wipped out, his house burned down (he was in it) and everyone including those who particpated in the trials have all received threatening calls. The kind that make most people go into hiding. There is BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars at stake here. A Cure, a Cure that is 80% effective would pretty much wipe out 1) the insulin industry 2) makers of all blood sugar testing kits, 3) any maker of any type of Insulin Pump system. 4) Research and Grants for finding a Cure, 4) Private Funding for finding a Cure, Read this article printed just last month on Diabetes:
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