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See, now, This is just NOT a good thing. Of course I Also think CBS should quit with the sensationalizing I mean really "at a single blow" ? did they Have to put that in there? I'm sure it was taken out of context, they had to be talking about a specific sector. We really need to get some kind of petition going in regards to media sensationalizing Headlines, or do something? Raise the Next Generation Better? It's not like our generation is doing a stand up job. I hear people talking, but I don't see their fingers walkin?!?!
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Sensationalism sells. Nevermind the fact that their advertisers want us fear riddled. Scared people are predictable people. They buy more stuff, take more prescriptions, beg you to bomb nations of 'others' to keep you safe, etc.
I can't believe we're really the right strain to survive.
This is true. Maybe the balanced truth, or the best version of it, just doesn't pull in the viewers?
Not only would it not 'grab' the viewers as all this drama does, but it'd expose the very companies that pay their salaries. They'd be cutting their own proverbial throats.
This is what you get when greed rules. When it's all about q1-4, and shareholder returns, this is what you get. You're not a citizen, you're a consumer.
Is this CBS or The Onion? Or Mad ? I think it's a fake page of CBS.
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