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::::::::::ATTENTION PLEASE::::::::::
Largest War Games Scheduled for Gulf of Alaska in the Middle of the World Largest Salmon Run

Read, Share, Let people know, our military is scheduled to run the largest ever war game in the Middle of June, in the Middle of the worlds largest wild salmon run. In the Middle of fishing season, the amount of live ammunition and dumps into the bay will decimate the salmon industry by their <i>own report </i>  which is included as a link in the article.

It's only a conspiracy theory until the links are made.

I can't help but wonder if 1) this is a cover up for the damage already experienced on the west coast resulting from #Fukushima , designed by our own Corporate Giant General electric who also of course, is involved in the Military Complex is a large way, and
2.) if the wild salmon industry falls, then Monsanto with genetically modified farmed salmon would take over the global market there. One which so far hasn't been going that well for them.

3. ) Finally last but certainly not least, would be the Koch brothers who have been trying to open Pebble Mine, which the FDA, and others reported couldn't be done due to the chemicals used which would kill off the salmon runs.

#GE - Hearst
Does our Military do their bidding? Can't help but wonder.  
#Wargames   #GulfofAlaska   #PebbleMine #Gold    
#Contamination   #SalmonRun #Salmon #fishing    #seattle   #pacificnorthwest   #FishingSeason   #Fishing   #Native   #nativeamerican   #Alaska   #Alaskan   #BerringSea   #Artic   #berniesanders   #PaulNewman   #Kenai   #Soldotna   #UniversityofAlaska   #UAF   #DepartmentOfFisheries  
It isn’t the best of times for the American Arctic and let me explain why. The world is in the midst of an oil glut.  In the last year, oil prices bottomed out before rising modestly.  A NASA study...
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38 Million, the number of people in the world, currently homeless due to those who would rather wage war, than build monuments to peace. 
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I'm lovin this zombie cat.
byron “von” rempel originally shared to Zombie Cats:
Zombie Cat in the Moonlight
It sees you ... it smells you ... it hungers for you ...

another template zombie cat

#zombies   #cats   #caturday  
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byron “von” rempel originally shared to Zombie Cats:
Black Cat on a Post
It looks at you ... watching and waiting. It seems it could wait forever. Is it a #zombie #cat or not? Will  you get close enough to find out?
This is up in my shop now too.
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Have her in circles
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Nice shout-out for our Journalism Tools Community by Abigail Edge: 

“12 communities for journalists you should know about” by @abigailedge 
One of the culture shocks about going freelance is the fact most of the time it’s just me at the kitchen table, getting …
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Opening in New York, Washington, Philly, Havana! Then global release to billions

1. Inequality ... is the root cause of all social ills in the world
Francis: ‘Inequality is the root of social ills. Help the poor, reject markets and speculation, attack the structural causes of inequality, or you will never solve the world’s problems.’

2. Invisible Hand of God ... replaced by hands of capitalists
Francis: ‘Never trust in the so-called ‘invisible hand’ of the markets and economic remedies like cutting workers to increase profits. The world needs a better distribution of income.’

3. Capitalists ... are the new worshipers of the golden calf
Francis: ‘Money must serve, not rule, yet we calmly accept its control over us. Money originated in a profound human crisis, the denial of the primacy of the human person. The worship of the ancient golden calf has returned in a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money.”

4. The New Tyranny ... capitalists destroying democracies
Francis: ‘Ideologies increase the wealth of a minority exponentially, increasing the inequality gap, separating the most humans from the prosperity enjoyed by those happy few. A new tyranny is thus born, unilaterally and relentlessly imposing its own laws and rules.’
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Do you folks really think I would post anything about the stock market? It's the Publisher that puts the image there, has nothing to do with content.
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Wow!, this is a great b/w photo, the detail is wonderful. 
As I side note, lately I've become quite interested in negative space. So, if you have any of those photo's, please be sure to tag it, or send my way.
~thanks~ :D
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In memory of all those who fought and died in WWII
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Greatvectors is a resource of unique images, styles and graphic elements for graphic designers.

I love the Greek Islands Restaurant. Both the food and the folks who own the restaurant. My Husband and I eat here several times a year. The food: Kebabs- chicken or steak, the meatballs in lemon sauce (an appetizer,but I love it as a dinner.) of Course the Gyros. And believe it or not, they have a hamburger on the menu, or used to, not sure if they do or not anymore, but they make THE BEST hamburger you've every had, worth every single dime of the 10.95 or so for it. smothered in Grilled Onions. Just the best I've ever ate, anywhere in the world. We get our food to take out. Then sit at home, relaxing watching a good movie. Eat slowly, take me most of the movie. with Salad and Feta Cheese, cucumber sauce (ordered extra) the Potatoes and vegetables which they put a lemon sauce on, just a tiny bit, but enough the flavor is wonderful. Then the entree, and it seems we always end up with some type of extra something like Bread Pudding for Desert, given as a gift to us. Wonderful Food, Very Community Oriented Owners, Family Business. Exactly the type of business which belongs in our small community of dynamic caring individuals.
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We should really get together and try and get this out of our wonderful valley to begin with. This has been a valley of Farmers who take great pride in their crops and have done so for many years. Monsanto has no proof their products do not cause harm to the recipients. Personally I think the head of the FDA who approved this without public knowledge should be prosecuted. Currently Autism is at epidemic proportions, in 1950 1 in 100,000 ( one in one-hundred-thousand) children were born with autism spectrum disorder. Starting to show a gradual increase until the 1980 where there is a sharper incline, the odds of a child being born with autism spectrum disorder is now 1 in 77 children. one in 77 children ARE BORN MENTALLY DEFICIENT in some way. Diabetes, Diabetes has grown to a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry, and they did not track the number of diabetics per capita. Diabetes was a "genetics only" disease. Only if your father's father had it, were you at-risk, because it would always skip a generation. NOW, now diabetes is rampant, It is currently estimated that 1 in 20 individuals is connected in some way to diabetes. Yes, I know the statistics about how much sugar we're eating but right now it's at it's lowest since before 1960 when we started tracking it. That's right, Americans have cut down on their sugar intake drastically, but the diabetes numbers are not going down with it. Something has changed our genetics. Whether that is the types of sedentary work we do (not sure how that could change our genetics) and I don't know that it is monsanto who has changed our gentics by eating the products whose genetics they have modified, but one this is certain and that is: 1. Autism is epidemic - now and in the future 1 in 77 children born (minimally) will be born with some type of mental deficiency. 2. One in twenty individuals are now connected to Diabetes. ONE IN TWENTY.. those numbers are staggering.. 3.Now, for the first time in the history of mankind Full Blown Dementia is the third largest direct killer of our Elderly. THIRD Largest.. 4. Pregnancy - It is getting harder and harder for women to have children. Remember back in the 60's, everyone had big families, we all had 2 or 3 brothers or sisters. Then, in 1065 only 17% of people were infertile. Today or rather in 2010 the rates on infertility hit an astounding high of 46% These are women age 25-44 who were trying to have a family and after a 12 month period sought help. *it should be noted at this time, it is approx. 10K to visit and have one assisted pregnancy procedure. So I want to error on the side of caution as any good scientist would. And I vote Against Monsanto until they have a minimum of 6 generations of data. I vote against Dow Chemical and against the chemical agent known as Round-up. (which I had always used until I got the statistics.) VOTE AGAINST MONSANTO until we can locate and correct the current genetic flaws in our health which happen to coincide with the industrial spraying of Chemicals in our cities and farms. Ever wonder why none of the cities spray for mosquitos anymore?...........
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I lived in Hess Village (on Campus ) worked in Chapman-lab (back in the ice-cube/NT days) and went to school there. I LOVE they have the equipment now for computer forensics and needless to say if I was in fairbanks, I'd probably still be working/going to school there like my friend Nathan is. Wonderful, wonderful environment, great people, and professors that KNOW their subjects inside and out. I mean what else besides cross-country skying, holding bbq's at 60 below and watching northern lights while sitting in a hot tub is there to do in Fairbanks in the winter besides study? Oh, yah, there is the World Ice Carving Championships, and a killer Duct Tape Creation contest, and boffa, and there is that silly research, one of the few federal depositories for Libraries (meaning everything the library of congress gets, so does the library in fairbanks) Don't forget to try the Greek Lemon Potato soup and the homemade, home picked Blueberry Ice Cream at the Wolf's Den. I miss fairbanks.
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Darcy is part of the Souder's Law Offices. This is a law office that is far above the average. This is a law office that looks after their clients best interest first and foremost on every issue. It has been both my pleasure and my comfort to work with this excellent law group. Why did I use the word comfort? Because I sleep so much better knowing their Team, is always on MY Side looking out for me.
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Wonderful Lunches! old style Deli, everything homemade, and wonderful salads, great strawberry-lemonaid I would have knocked off a 1/2 of star and given a 4.5 if google let us, but not because of food, or cleanliness (which is great) but it is normally a little chilly inside, and it is very noisy during lunch hour which isn't their fault they have a line that goes through the building with the door opening and closing all the time. It's a WONDERFUL Lunch, try the French Dips, Sandwiches, Soups and Homemade Salads.
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There are no words eloquent enough to express my admiration, appreciation, respect and thankfulness to Dr. Karen Bolton, Cathy, Susan, and the additional staff at Dr. Bolton's office. She has been my doctor now approximately 7 years and has been with me through a few severe health issues. Having a Doctor who listens to you, who hears what a patient is saying and responds to your questions appropriately and thoroughly is invaluable in creating a 'team' heath care regiment. I honestly do not believe if I'd had a different doctor my progress would be as far along as it is. I highly recommend Dr. Karen Bolton. She stays current with technology and the newest practices. Her active listening skills and thorough approach will have you moving forward toward excellence in health. ~elaine ossipov 22nd day of February 2013, 15:53:00
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I Love our local safeway store and all the people in it. They are all very helpful and kind. For instance today I could not get to the market, but a helper would stop by for me, so I called up, and everyone must have been busy, Janet, back the the bakery helped me. Because I only needed 3 items, 2 of which were in her department anyway, she was able to get them together for my helper. I am so glad I live on this island, where being a "neighbor" still has meaning :) Thank you Janet!!
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Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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reviewed 2 years ago