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The best of the Internet, the best of eHow UK.


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#mondaymotivation  is always better when you see people having worse days than you...

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With confirmed cases of H5N2 in the UK, prevention is key when it comes to bird flu


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These would-be marketers are no Don Drapers but they still probably earn more than you anyway... 

#marketing   #marketingfail  

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Today is world diabetes day and here are some great diet guidelines for diabetics


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Twitter Hashtag #wecanlandonacometbutcant reminds us to remain humble.

Here are the very best meme responses ("best" in a humble way)

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Kim Kardashian wanted to #breaktheinternet  and the Internet responded perfectly.

No ifs and no butts. 


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Lest we forget? Here are the battles they didn't tell you about in school... 

#lestweforget   #wwicentenary  

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We look at the affects of the First World War still visible today

#armisticeday   #lestweforget  

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Pup fiction.  

Genius makes art posters for films with one letter missing 

#filmswithonelettermissing   #movieswithonelettermissing  

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We found the weirdest GIFs on the Internet and they simply must be seen. 
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