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Educators love freebies! Enter to win this SpeckTech bundle! #edtech   #giveaway
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It's never too young to start coding -- or is it?

#codingforkids   #edtech   #apps  
Teaching young children to code is far from a tedious exercise with the thoughtful, age-appropriate use of game-like apps and robotic devices.
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+R Velazquez is a great resource for learning to code and for educators:
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Learn how to create a tech plan that empowers (& excites) teachers.

#professionaldevelopment #edtech #technologyintegration  
The best way for raising teachers' technology abilities is through a coordinated, district-wide, individualized training program -- because effective staff development is personal.
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18 (awesome) apps to support the creative process:

#creativity #apps #educationaltechnology  
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And more inspiring educators. 
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Watch how this elementary teacher helps her students develop perseverance by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals.

#grit #SMARTgoals #socialemotionallearning  
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Can't wait to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals with my advisees! 
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9 videos to learn a little more, but mostly for summertime fun.

#independenceday   #happy4thofjuly   #video  
To help you celebrate Independence Day, Edutopia's VideoAmy has put together a Fourth-of-July-themed collection of inspiring, interesting, and fun videos.
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A helpful list of common misconceptions. Bonus: resources included!
With delivery of instruction, one size does not fit all. John McCarthy launches his differentiated instruction series by busting three common myths about DI.
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Videos & articles full of useful strategies, partnership ideas, & more:

#schoolleadership   #professionaldevelopment   #teachertraining  
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Great resources!  Thanks for sharing!
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Helpful ideas to build lessons & materials that fit your students:

#differentiatedinstruction #learningstyles #classroommanagement  
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This is how every student/child should be taught! This is why private tutoring is so beneficial!
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In a world of global accessibility, why not connect with students abroad?

#worldlanguages #globaled #multilingualism  
Collaborative learning should be an essential element for world language teachers who want their students to understand, enjoy, and use that new language.
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Empower your students by starting a “Tech Detectives Club” like this one.

#edtech #technologyineducation #schoolclubs  
The Tech Detectives Club provides middle school students with practical and service learning opportunities and teachers with first responders for their tech emergencies.
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We would have to figure a way to pitch it to the county, but I have a few people at my school that I could talk with about this idea before moving forward with it. I also know quite a few people on the union board, along with our vp and pres, who I can talk to about how to proceed with the idea.
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Learn 3 simple ways to create a space where all students are empowered to learn:

#growthmindset   #designthinking   #creativity  
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Wow. this nice.. :)
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