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What If SEO Just Stopped - Love your thoughts on this.
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Hi Ed. I'm not sure I followed the process. I think that you are saying that Paid Advertising helps us figure out how to SEO.... that right?
+Ed Dale SEO could never stop. A week prior to me hearing +Matt Cutts talk about penalties for overdoing SEO, I was thinking about people new coming to the Internet and how they wouldn't stand a chance going up against someone that knew what they were doing.

But when I think about it, Just publishing anything on the Internet your doing SEO, even if your not doing everything right, your doing more than the person who is still in perfection mode and has yet to upload something to the internet.

But in all cases, if SEO did ever stop - I would run to videos!! : ), build a list with Paid Advertising and advise for people to search exact phrases for my materials instead of giving them the links.
Google wouldn't know how to index things effectively surely. What would the playing field look like!!!!
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