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Do what thousands of +Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students have done, right at your fingertips.  Learn #physics in a whole new way from world-renowned MIT Professor Walter Lewin: 
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Kindly decide on the day of release and not postpone it frequently
Thanks for the feedback +Chintan Gohel- we are set for February 18th right now, but we'll let you know if anything unexpected comes up. 
That's what I'm afraid of, I can't make any plans since the date keeps moving about. I have to plan when to get internet since that is a very difficult and expensive thing to get in my city
And perhaps another thing; please make the certificates bigger, all that white space at the border is a waste
i have not done 8.01 will it be difficult for me to understand this course
I think most important thing required is desire to learn this course...
If you really interested than there is no problem in taking this course. 
This Course is awesome ^_^ i love this man 
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