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Sony’s new NEX-5R looks really interesting. I’d get this over a NEX-7. 2 dials is enough, and WiFi & apps could be cool. I want to check one of these out to see how good the hybrid phase detect / contrast detect AF is. I continue to be impressed by all the innovation Sony is putting into cameras.
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Yes, the bodies they are churning out year after year are quite amazing. I just wish they'd invest their time and efforts into making more & better lenses for the E-mount..
+Thomas Marti the lenses you are looking for are made by +Leica Camera.  with a tiny adapter you can use the best lenses in the world.  admittedly they are super expensive and fully manual but it's hard to beat the images.
+Sergey Brin +Thomas Marti I have an E to M-mount adapter, but not many Leica lenses. We put a Noctilux on a NEX-7, and it was glorious... except that what we are really waiting for is a full-frame alternative body...
I'd love to get my hands on one of those. Love the small body in combination with a Leica Lens. +Sergey Brin +Thomas Marti & +Eric Cheng  I just bought a Nikon D800, but was considering a mirror-less system like the OMD as a professional alternative, but just feel like they are not quite there yet. What are your thoughts?
Isn't Sony supposed to announce the 6n shortly?  I love my 5N and will probably replace it with a 6.
+Sergey Brin Thanks for the hint, I'll check out the Leica lenses. But still, Sony should be able to produce more quality glass. They've proofen with the 50mm, 24mm zeiss and the 18-200mm that they can make nice lenses. But even with the 3 upcoming lenses I'm still missing usable macro and fisheye lenses.

(oh and +1 for getting an answer from the Google founder. That was unexpected, you made my day, sir... ;))
+Thomas Marti Yes! I wonder if the E-mount lenses support full frame. Their huge size suggests that they might, but I haven't seen any exploration about this.
There's been a lot of speculation about it.  I believe technically speaking the E-mount should support full frame lenses but with the short distance, there might be a lot of ray angle issues.
Great stuff! I actually preferred the 5N over the 7 in a lot of ways, and now having the additional dial really helps the ergonomics. Look forward to playing around with this. Wish they would put full blown Android on there for real apps, not just some Sony half-baked ones. User interface is already not the strong suit of the NEX line.
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